Tuesday 19 June 2012

Visit to Jaspers ( Part 2 )

An Adventure to Stackpole's Lily Ponds!

I've NEVER seen a Dragonfly like this before, look what a wonderful colour blue it is! It's so Beautiful!

The Lily Ponds!

The Gorgeous white flowers.

There are lots of Swans living on the lily ponds!

Mum and Jude.

Mum and Me.

The Scenery is beautiful here!

Me and Mum relax and watch the fish amid the lily pads on the ponds, its such a nice place here and the weather was warm and sunny!

Meeting new Furiends - this is a Pugeranian a Pug cross Pomeranian!

Walking from the Lily Ponds to the Beach and we see a sign to watch out for toads crossing the path!

Me and Jasper play on the beach, we love to run together and do zoomies all over the place!!!

I go for a dip in the water to cool off ...

I doggy paddle and then start ....


Once I had finished having a swim and splashing around it was time to head down to the beach and the sea!

Relaxing on the beach in the sun!

In the sea with Dad, Jasper and Steve.

I got scared by the waves so Dad had to pick me up! (below)

Me and Mum in the sea!

This is float that I "marked" on the way back ...

... but the real reason for the photo is that the sand has actually coverd a pole that was taller than Dad!!

Mum loved this sign and was happy Dog Paw Prints were on there!

Such a nice sign!

We all had a such a wonderful day at the beach and it was great spending time with Jasper and our Family!

I slept all the way home in the car and all night and had sweet dreams of the sea!

I hope to do it again soon!


  1. Frank what cool adventure you have! Beautiful places and meeting n greeting, you must have had a fun time. Happy Tuesday to you and yours!
    Best wishes Molly

  2. That is a most gorgeous lilly pond, every where you go is gorgeous. I am also super impressed with your swimming ability

    urban hounds

  3. Seems like the most perfect day with great friends! I especially like the photos of you and Jasper playing by the water.

  4. Frank.... that dragon fly looks exactly like OURS do. We LOVE them here on my hill.
    Super job of MARKING the Float!!!

  5. Please oh please let this comment go through...We are jealous of your pawsome beach time with Jasper. I bet you two were a hit with the lady pups! Nothing better than sunning your buns. The lily pond was beautifuls as well. Love the pic of you and your mom on the bridge and lily pond there. So pretty. Boy that was a great adventure!


    Pee. S. Mom wants to see some close-up pics of your lovely mug.

  6. Frank-
    That is the best kind of day.
    Sweet dreams :)

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  7. Oh Tank
    I just loved to see you and Jasper playing together and having such good times.
    I have never seen such beautiful photos as the ones you share of your world.
    The lily pads and your sea just make me want to come visit too.
    You are such a brave swimmer and look so beautiful as you swim in that deep water,