Saturday 31 October 2015

Thursday 29 October 2015

My Thunder Shirt.

Mum and Dad took me to Pets at Home last night to get me my food,  some treats and this Thunder shirt.

Have any of you tried a Thunder shirt and did it work for you? 

Mum got me it because all through Halloween and Bonfire Night there are lots of fireworks being set off and apparently this helps to stop anxiety from loud noises especially fireworks so Mum thought that she would give it a go as I bark and get restless during this time.

Being a Model trying on my Thunder shirt

Strutting my stuff tail held high

It fits me really well.

It feels good on and it looks great.

Unfortunately during my trial no fireworks were banging so I can't tell you if it helped but Mum says she will let you all know if it works when I wear it each night.

I'm happy as can be right now!

More information on this leaflet that came with it.

I really like it , let me know if any of you have one! 

Monday 26 October 2015

Chicken's Feet Treat.

Ernie's Mum Sam got us Chicken Feet to try as a treat.

As you can guess both me and Ernie were very excited to try them.

We thought that they looked amazing but Mum thought that they looked like a monkeys paw that granted evil wishes! 

Both getting stuck in to the chicken feet.

It tasted pawsome, totally delicious!






Snuffle, Sniffle, Snorting

Just making sure that every little bit of chicken feet has gone

Snooters sniffing

Yes it is confirmed that all is gone.

Time to relax

Good Night XxX