Tuesday 30 October 2012

The Last Light Walk!

On Saturday the clocks went back, which meant I had an extra hour in bed with Mum and Dad, which was lovely but that's only the good bit, the bad bit is that its darker earlier in the evenings now and that means I can't go down the track to the lakes every night anymore because there are no lights down there, its pitch black and very scary!

So here is my last light walk down the track until next weekend, Mum and Auntie Ashley made sure it was a good long walk to make the most of it!

We went over the boardwalk and down the track and all the leaves were falling and were such pretty colours, the leaves are all changing which made for some beautiful scenery!

 This is me with all the fallen leaves on the floor, they were all sticking to my paws!

Running down the track is such fun!

Where am I?

Can you see me??

We went to the Lake but it was way too cold for a swim, even though it was sunny it was very cold!

I really love to run around off-lead but in the week now I will have to stay on-lead as I walk around my Village! Me and Mum have both got matching high visibility jackets and I have a high visibility collar so we are going to be safe as we walk around. The good thing about village walks is walking past all the food places and smelling the air and maybe snag some foodables!

 Look at all the pretty Autumn colours!

 This is the way to the fishing ponds.

 I love it here.

Look how beautiful it is!

 Look at the ducks!

Which one to sit on??

Relaxing on the wood seat overlooking the pond.

Me and Mum have a cuddle!

 Looking at the leaves falling from the tree above me!

Auntie Ashley!

Me and Auntie Ashley walk around the woodland trail.

 Running around the magic garden.

Me and Auntie Ashley walk home.

It was such a nice walk and I was so sleepy, we saw some wonderful wildlife including this furry little Caterpillar! I hope you enjoyed my last light adventure!

Monday 29 October 2012

Ernie's Operation Update!

Ernie has had his operation and he is doing very well, he has to stay in his crate to restrict his movement but he does get to have a little walk out the garden to do his business assisted by his Mum and Dad. He has to keep the "Cone of Shame" on to stop him licking his stitches.

Ernie sleeping and recovering.

Ernie's shaved leg.

Wishing you a speedy recovery big guy!
My Mum and Dad will be over to see you soon and report back to me!

Friday 26 October 2012

Dog Holiday 2012 ( Part 5 - The Final Day )

 The Last Day at The Saw Mill and I really don't want to go home, I don't even want to get out of bed, we had to be out of the Cottage at 10am and we were not happy!

Hold on ... Whats that smell??


Everyone was really sad to leave, but we all had a nice breakfast and then had to pack to come home!

 I'm Packed Mum!

 It was spooky and foggy when we left the Cottage!

 Dad and Ernie say "Goodbye" to the Hot Tub!

Ernie doesn't want to leave - see his sad puppy dog eyes!

 Pete, Sam and Ernie outside the Cottage.

 Mum, Dad, Me and Ernie outside the Cottage.

Sam and Mum outside the Cottage.

 We all leave to go home!

Ernie is still trying to avoid going home!

 Finally his Dad picks him up and puts him in the car.

Ernie had a really good week, he loved the Cottage and playing with me, but sadly he has to have his knee operation when he gets home, I will keep you all updated on his progress!

 I was sad to leave too!

Do we have to go home Mum??

Well that's the end of Dog Holiday 2012 , we all had an amazing time!