Wednesday 27 March 2013

Tuesday 26 March 2013

Castle Coch Adventure!

Dad took me and Mum on an Adventure to Caste Coch!

There are lots of trails to walk here and lots of exciting things to see ...

Like THIS it may have been one of the Castles Dungeons or maybe the home of a Dragon??

I love to run around and explore, I'm so fast that I'm just a Blur on Camera!

The Lost and Found Trail

Where to go now??

These little wood huts are really cool

Me and Mum like to explore!

There are so many wonderful trails around here and this is just one of them!

A Little Chair made from a tree.

A Bat made from a tree. 

An Owl made from a tree.

A Crow made from a tree.

Another Little Chair made from a tree.

My favourite a great big Dragon made from wood!

The Dragon has burned the wood sticks with his Dragon Breath.

Mum thought that I would be scared but I'm not - This Dragon is Friendly!

His tail!

Me and Mum go for a ride on the Dragon!

What a wonderful adventure!


Goodbye Castle Coch, see you again soon and your Dragons too!!

Friday 22 March 2013

Jasper Came To Play!

My Cousin Jasper came all the way from Penbrokeshire to play with me!

I Love Jasper!

We Played together ...

 Jasper Sniffed and Sniffled Me!

Jasper got some loving of my Daddy!

Then we both had cuddles!

I enjoy playing with my friends, but it's sad when they have to go home, especially Jasper because he lives so far away ... I hope to see him again really soon!

Have a wonderful weekend Everyone!
Love and Licks