Thursday 19 February 2015

Thankful Thursday ~ My Valley Vets Health Check.

I walked all the way from my house to my Vet in Ystrad Mynach to have my health check and annual injection.

I really like my Vet its so clean and well presented, lots of information available to me.

I had to get on the scales and have my weight checked.

I was very nervous but very good to sit on the scales.

13.05Kg which means that I have put on weight since Christmas but I'm sure that happens to everyone with all the delicious foodables?? I will try really hard to get back on track to lose more weight by my next weight check!

My Vet Lorna was really helpful, she is so very nice to me, I had my injection and a total health check. She looked in my mouth, in my ears, checked my heart and lungs and I even got my anal glands done, so now I really feel amazing! 

Once home I went fast asleep with all that walking and health checking, poking and prodding me but I am very thankful to my wonderful Vets and thankful that I am healthy and happy!

It was a great day!

Saturday 14 February 2015

Happy 15th Birthday Goose!

Today may be Valentines Day but it is also Gooses Birthday,
Our good friend Goose is 15 Years old Today!

He is so kind and fun loving,
I love reading all of his adventures on the blog
go visit him on Gospel of Goose and wish him Happy Birthday and show him some love!

Love and Licks

Friday 13 February 2015

This Moment See Beautiful...

I see the beauty in the world every day, the beauty of God's Creation, the beauty of the sky, the beauty of the grass, the beauty of my own reflection, the beauty of my mothers love....

The beauty of the smells and sights that surround me, the beauty of a quiet evening walk, the beauty of the wind in my furs, the beauty of this life that I'm living and sharing ... this moment I truly see BEAUTIFUL!

Thank you for hosting this wonderful See Beautiful Blog Hop Sugar!

Tuesday 10 February 2015

Happy 17th Birthday Auntie Ashley!

Happy 17th Birthday to my wonderful Auntie Ashley!

I love my Auntie Ashley so very much.

We spend a lot of time together.

We have lots of great adventures together.

I love to relax with her.

She loves to walk Ernie too.

Sometimes we walk so much we need to sleep!

I'm always by her side.

We are like the three amigos!

Even when she was younger she walked with me almost every day. 

Mum loves her more and more each day.

I'm never far from her side (do you see me??) 

I'm always a happy Puggy when Ashley is around!

We always have so much fun together.

She has walked with me in the snow...

Walked in the floods...

She may be Mums Sister but she is also her BEST FRIEND!

Ashley loves other doggies too.

Ashley and Mum are always taking crazy "Selfies"




Ashley is always up for different adventures.

She loves our Donkey friends.

But most of all she loves me and that is why I want her to have a wonderful Birthday!

Monday 9 February 2015

Castle Coch Walk with Wood Carvings.

Last time I went to Castle Coch was in the evening and it was dark and spooky.

This time we went in the light and could see all of the new wood carvings.



Not sure what this is supposed to be?

Mouse in the tree.

I'm sat inside a Wizzards cape! 

How Magical!

Witches brew.

Dragon Sleeping.

I'm on the Dragons head!

The Dragon has a foot!

Aaaah! Run!

Wood Nymph.

Rat in a bag.

Chest and Magic Spell books.

Relaxing on the Old Oak leaf majestic seat.

Walking through the forest.


Another Wizard.

The Clock.

 This walk was so much fun, I just love this walk, I went home and went to sleep to dream of Dragons and Wizards!