Thursday 29 July 2010

Dog Camouflage Hoodie!

I was super lucky today, Mum bought me a gorgeous, warm, stylish hoodie, Camouflage in colour with a kangaroo pouch on back & drawstring hood.

It will keep me warm and snuggly in the cold winter!

Can’t wait to model it on this blog and show you all!

I am going to be sat really patiently waiting for the mail man this week! Hee,Hee!

Frank and Socks go for a walk together!

Have I seen you before?

Ahhhh she's going to bite me!

Ohhh no she's not, she wants to play!

Owww get off it tickles!

Sniffs and licks - ahhhh we are frinds!

Wednesday 28 July 2010

Dad's Back!

I like to make the most of my time with Mum and Dad, so when Dad wants to relax and watch some tele while playing with his mobile phone I like to get on his back and see what he is up to.

I like to crash out on top of him and have a little sleep!

Tuesday 27 July 2010

‘Walkies’ in the park again.

Well as you know by now my usual walk is around the park, the weather is starting to get colder and after the bluebells disappeared they were followed by the tiny yellow flowers and now the small yellow flowers are all gone and they have been replaced by the beautiful purple thistle plants!
I don’t much like running through these though because they hurt my little paws, but they are very pretty to look at and to smell!
I love to run around the park off lead and Mum stops me now and again to call me back to her and do some dog tricks like giving her kisses and holding out my paw for treats!
I love a good walk and a fun play in the park!

Monday morning blues….

Yesterday Dad let me out to pee and poop as usual and then I ran up the stairs and jumped in to bed with Mum all snuggled up, we fell asleep together for a bit until Dad woke us up and Mum had to get ready for work - ugh!

I got to spend the day snuggled in the blankets though Mmmmmm!

I spend most of yesterday in the bed, then worked on this blog for a bit and then went to sleep for a while after having fun with my heffa-hump toy, playing with my treat ball, having a little nibble and a drink from my water bowl.

It’s back to work for Mum and Dad, the weekend is over and I hate Mondays!!!

Monday 26 July 2010

I Had A Walk Around Parc Penallta On Saturday!

On Saturday Mum and Aunty Ashley took me for a two hour long walk to Parc Penallta!

My little legs didn’t know what had hit them!

It was a very nice walk, lots of things to see and smells to sniff!

Mum takes me down the cycle track quite often but I have never been for a long walk following the trails like we did on Saturay, it was so much fun!

Next time Mum is going to take me to the very top, Carved from a former coal tip, Penallta offers the visitor spectacular views across the county borough from the high point observatory.

You won’t be able to miss ‘Sultan’ the pit pony, the UK’s largest figurative earth sculpture.

Three way marked trails guide visitors though woodland and grasslands where Skylarks and Lapwings breed.

Punctuated with sculptures, there is always a surprise around the corner at Penallta.

Friday 23 July 2010


Mum laughs at my tongue-tactics, she puts peanut butter on my nose and laughs at my trying to lick it all off!

Thursday 22 July 2010


Mum and Dad gave me my name from the pug in the movie Men In Black.

"Me" and Will Smith.

The first time we see 'Frank' in Men In Black is working on a stall in New York.

Sining "who let the dogs out" and "I will survive" in the films.

Wednesday 21 July 2010

Big Eyes!

Well what happened to the summer weather? It has been raining almost every day, Mum took me for a walk last night over the park, it was nice but wet and when I came home I wanted to warm up so I jumped up on Mum’s bed, I had wet paws so she wasn’t amused but I won her over with my big eyes!

Tuesday 20 July 2010

If you think that I am going out there you must be CRAZY!

Raining AGAIN!

Nope, not going out to pee in weather like this!

No, its wet and I dont want to go out!

Monday 19 July 2010

Raiding the laundry basket.

Hmmmm...anything in here I can chew on?

Owwww who turned out the lights???

Um num num num!

I will get this out of the basket if I puuuulll hard enough!

Oh well it was worth a try, will chew on it from here!

Ooops caught red handed!