Friday 27 June 2014

Officially Summer.

It is officially Summer now, the sun is shining and the birds are singing, I'm enjoying all the time outside and all the walks I'm going on but as last Saturday was the longest day it also means that the nights start to get shorter and darker, Mum says that she loves the Spring and Summer for the long late sunny nights so we can go walking down the trails and to the lakes but when the nights start to get darker and colder Mum doesn't like it and in all honesty, neither do I, the weather gets cold and wet and I do not like going out in the rain and the dark nights mean that my long walks to the lakes and fields off-lead become short walks round the Village amid the street lights on-lead! So until then I am going to enjoy the warmth and sunshine and appreciate every step my Pugalier paws take on my lengthy walks with freedom!!

Monday 23 June 2014

Summer Solstice Party!

On the Weekend Mum had a BIG surprise for me, she said that Bionic Ernie was coming over for a Summer Solstice Party!

The weather has been so hot recently that we got the Puggy paddling pool out.

Ernie really enjoyed it in there but I didn't want to get my Puggy Paws wet!

Dad and Ernie's Dad Pete cool down Ernie's furs by splashing him with water.

Once Ernie had cooled off he was ready to play!

I just love to play with The Bionic Ernie!

What better way to spend the longest day than being with my BESTEST Bionic Buddy!

I helped Dad get everything read for the Barbecue.

Ernie went back in the pool, look how relaxed and happy he is!

Sam and Pete (Ernie's Mum and Dad) enjoying the frozen cocktail drinks.

Dad on the Barbecue.

I just love being right in the actin, so I have my very own seat at the table!

What do you mean I cant try some of your Mojito?

Me and Mum enjoying the Barbecue foods!

Lamb Burgers!

Sam and Pete start the fire for some Marshmallows and dancing!

Mum and Dad Hug!

Mallows ready for toasting!

Pete hides behind the smoke.

Mum gets her Mallows ready!

Sam toasting her mallows....

Can you believe she never tried them before???

Dad having so much fun!

Sam and Pete enjoying the toasty goodness.

Everyone together.

Us doggies were so sleepy after all the running around and foods, we stayed well away from the big burning thingie!

It was such a good night!

Pete with his mallow still on fire ~ watch out!

We stayed up almost all night just enjoying the fun, I really love to celebrate with my Peeps and Ernie!