Thursday 31 January 2013

Flood Walk!

With all the melted snow and the thunder storms  my usual walk down the track was flooded!

Ashley surfs on the "Big Stick"

Me and Auntie Ashley wade through the water and jump up on the "big stick"

Ok Mum, stop taking photos and make a plan of action - What are we going to do??

We had gone too far to turn back so we waded through the rest of the flood!

My Paws and Tummy were soaking wet, it got so deep that I could almost swim!!

I think that we had better give The Track another few days before we go walking down there again!!

Tuesday 29 January 2013

Safari So Good!

I'm trying to blend in to our new Safari Rug - Can YOU see me??

All the snow is gone now, all the heavy rain has been washing it away all weekend with thunder and lightning storms, Im sad to see it go but look forward to the warmer weather and paws crossed for some sunny safari-like days! BOL!

Monday 28 January 2013

The Last Snow Walk!

I'm sitting in the snow and my behind is frozen! BOL!

Digging in the snow.

A big tree fell and blocked our way!

Sniffin that yellow snow!

Mum in her "Cat Hat" warm in the snow!

The views are so very pretty in the snow!

I love the snow but I love snuggling up with my Pawrents in the warm even more!

This is a good day!