Monday 27 May 2013

Caption Competition!!!

To Celebrate my 3 Year Bloggaversary I am holding a Caption Competition today and all you have to do is post a comment with your Caption in "these" to the photo above.

The Competition will be open all week and the Winner(s) will be announced on Monday 3rd June 2013.

You can win a cute Collar from my Friend Kerry from her wonderful boutique Floral Pooch (Ebay Store) who is Mother of Reggie there is also going to be three wonderful personalised hanging hearts for three lucky runners up too!

Anyone can enter so keep your Paws crossed!
Love, Licks and Tummy Rubs

Friday 24 May 2013

3 Years of Blogging!

Today is my 3 Year Bloggaversary!

You can read my First Post HERE which was on Monday 24th May 2010 when I was just a little Puppy!

I want to thank you all for Following My Blog and for coming with me on every adventure I have had no matter how big or small! You are all such wonderful Furiends!

To Celebrate my 3 Year Bloggaversary I am holding a competition on Monday 27th May where you can win a cute personalised Collar from my Friend Kerry who is Mother of Reggie from her boutique Floral Pooch!

There will also be three wonderful personalised hanging hearts for three lucky runners up too! 

Love Frank

Monday 20 May 2013

Hanging Hearts!

As you all know, My Good Friend Kerry who is Mother of Reggie is hand making cute personalised Collars, Harnesses & Leads and now she is making these wonderful personalised hanging hearts.

These lovely hanging hearts are just £3.50 to buy!

Kerry has her own shop on Ebay called "Floral Pooch"

 Thank you Kerry, your designs are beautiful and I love the new house shape!
Love, Licks and Hugs

Friday 17 May 2013

Summer Holiday!

I'm going on a Summer Holiday!

I'm going to Haven Devon Cliffs Holiday Caravan Park with my Mum, Dad, Sam, Pete and my Bestest Bionic Buddy Ernie.

Ernie is much better after his second knee operation, he hasn't had the all clear yet so I have to be very careful when I'm playing with him and he has to have some quiet time so Mum and Dad will be taking me out to see the sights without him but ...

I'm also going to be meeting up with my Blogging Buddy Reggie, my Brother from another Mother and His Mum Kerry!

I'm very excited!
Paws crossed for nice weather please.
Have a great weekend Everyone!
Love licks and Hugs
Frank xxxx

Monday 6 May 2013

Happy 30th Birthday Daddy!

Today is my Dad's 30th Birthday!

I love my Daddy, above is the first photo we had together when I came home as a 9 week old puppy!

Dad is all about having fun and here is is dressing up as Wolverine.

Holding the 2012 Olympic Tourch!

Loving the 2012 Olympic merchandise!

Winning the Cup in his Football League.

Me and Dad enjoying Mum and Dad's Honeymoon in The Cotswold's.

Me Mum and Dad

Me sleeping cuddled in Dads legs after a long walk exploring The Cotswold's!

Hugs on Barry Beach.

Love on the Westward Ho Beach.

Mum and Dad in St Davids near Pembroke.

I just love to be with Dad!

I love to walk with Dad in any weather.....

The snow is always a treat as we have "Snow Days"

... but Dad never dresses correctly for the weather! Ha,Ha!

Dad with Uncle Steve, Jasper's Daddy, on the beach!

Dad loves Ernie too!

Ok, so this may seem like Dad has a drinking problem but he just loves to PARTY!

This was not pretty the next day! Ha,Ha,Ha!

Sleep if off Dad!

Food is another thing me and Dad love! Above with Pete (Ernie Dad) as The Burger Kings!

Fish and Chips! Yummy!

Found a Pug photo that reminded him of ME while in a restaurant in Paris!

Dad loves a good BBQ!

He loves my Mum!

My favourite spot to cuddle!

Dad and auntie Ashley (a few years ago!)

Dad and a Gator wrestle!

Dad in the swimming pool in Lanzarote.


Dad in Paris (with out me)

We always have fun on our annual Dog Holidays!

Me and Dad love our adventures.

Dad just loves to take me out and explore the wildlife, above is us our very first Dog Holiday and Dad is showing me the ducks.

Me, Mum and Dad make some magic.

Dad with the Dragon in Castle Coch!


Hug for Pug.

Sleeping together.

Dad on his wedding day in the stocks and below with Mum.

Happy Birthday Dad!