Wednesday 30 June 2010

The Woods are lovely dark and deep .....

Whats that noise??

Mum, do you know what that noise is?

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh run away, run away!!!!!

I was so scared!!

Tuesday 29 June 2010

Monday 28 June 2010

New Bone Chew!

Awakened rudely from my sun tanning sleep!

This weekend was another very hot and sunny one, I had two shorter walks each day rather than one big one because it was so hot and Mum didn’t want me to pass out because of the heat and I really enjoyed each of them.
I had a nice walk with Mum and Nanna Moyna down the cycle track on the Nelson side on Friday evening, Nan was telling me about all the flowers and stories about the “good old days” and I was sniffing around enjoying the sun, it was a very nice walk.
Mum always puts a water bowl in the garden as well as the kitchen for me because I need a lot of water when it is warm, but even though she provides me with a nice shady area to lay out, I always pick the hottest spot, as you can see from the photo I feel asleep on Mums sun bed trying to get a tan again, its just so comfy on there and so warm ...mmmmmmm! But I was awakened rudely from my sun tanning sleep by Mum trying to get me to move out of the heat indoors! I was very unhappy! I did get to play with my new bone chew toy though wich was very yummy indeed!

Friday 25 June 2010

World Cup Madness!

I have finally had enough of this World Cup madness! Dad has had it on the tele all the time and so I took out my frustrations on my new red ball and unfortunately I got a little bit too rough with it and popped it, this is the second ball I popped now and Mum was not at all happy with me! I came running in from the garden with the ball hissing in my mouth and sat down on the carpet to try and eat it! Hee,Hee,Hee! Dad has now given me one of his old footballs, its bright yellow so I won’t lose it and it hard so I won’t be able to break it when I get bitey! I will be glad when this World Cup is over! Grrrrrrrr another ball bites the dust!

My Lump.

I have a lump on my head, it doesn’t hurt me at all, it’s just big and nasty!
Mum and Dad took me to The Vet on Friday 18th and The Vet said that it wasn’t cancerous and a lot of puppies get them, but they have to keep an eye on it to see if it changes or if I change (if I go off my food or anything) she said that it may go away on its own in a while but it looks really bad and Dad is very concerned so I have another Vet appointment on July 5th for a check up and my flea treatment so I hope they will check it again for me to make sure that I am ok!

Thursday 24 June 2010

Black Pugalier Puppy!

This just could be my new black pugalier puppy brother, he is so unbelievably cute!

Wednesday 23 June 2010

Just the two of us …

Jasper is down for another few days so I have been spending lots of time with him, going for walks and playing together, its been a lot of fun, just the two of us!

Tuesday 22 June 2010

The Chester House Hotel

Mum has booked to take me away for a two day break in September (Wednesday 1st to Thursday 2nd) to The Cotswolds it’s really nice there, she found a lovely pet friendly place called The Chester House Hotel.

The Chester House lies in the centre of Bourton-on-the-Water, the little "Venice of the Cotswolds" with the River Windrush running through the village.

Chester House Hotel is a substantial building with Victorian Origins, constructed of honey coloured Cotswold stone beneath pitched roofs. The main house dates back to the 19th Century offering a cosy and relaxing environment for the guests to unwind in. It offers 22 Bedrooms all en suite and decorated in a contemporary country style, they welcome well-behaved dogs, but not in the main house or hotel lounge/bar.

They even have doggie rules!

We will be staying in the Coach House and since I am not allowed in the lounge/bar area I will be snuggled up in my bed when they are dining out. There are plenty of places nearby to eat to suit every palate and a traditional Clotted Cream Tea is a must have!

I am quite looking forward to it all!

Monday 21 June 2010

The Longest Day!

It is the longest day today, it’s the day when we get the most sunlight and it’s a very beautiful day, warm and sunny, last night it was still light at 10 o’clock in the night, which I love because Mum plays ball with me in the back yard all evening to wear me out, she does a good job of it, I always end up snuggled up on the sofa in between Mum and Dad!

It’s now officially summer but then it starts to get dark in the evenings again, Mum says she is not looking forward to walking me in the dark winter nights! She is nevertheless excited for my first Christmas and for me to see the snow for the very first time!

New Ball!

Saturday I had a new ball – after popping the last one with my itty bitty teeth Mum thought I needed another ball to play with so she got me a nice new shiny red one from ASDA to gnarl at and chase!
Thank you Mum! xXx xXx xXx

Fathers Day!

My weekend was good, yesterday was Fathers Day so I gave Dad his card in the morning and got lots of fuss from him, then Mum and Dad went out for their meal and when they came back I had some of the Sunday roast leftovers Mmmmmmmm! After stuffing myself on all that meat Mum thought that it would be nice to take me over to see Jasper, we were very excited to see each other! We had a little play first and we went for a walk to the park and down the cycle track together, it was really nice, the sun was shining and I was a very happy puppy!

Friday 18 June 2010

What’s it all about Alfie?

When I go for my walks I usually see other dogs being taken for walks too!

Last night on my walk I saw a black pit-bull, she liked to sniff me a lot and wanted to play but her Dad wouldn’t let her, he said that she plays rough!

One of my friends who I always see walking in the park and down the track is Alfie a big curly ‘labradoodle’ he is a real furry friend, he is such a softie!

When I see him he always runs up to me to play, his Dad thinks that he is scaring me but I wag my tail and run at him too because I love to play! He is older than me, I am going to be 6 months old on July 2nd and I always ask him questions about life, he doesn’t seem to know much either, except that he likes to smell other dogs behinds too and that he loves food and playing just as much as I do! I guess Alfie doesn’t know what it’s all about after all! Hee,Hee!

No plans have been made for this weekend, Jasper is coming down on Sunday so Mum possibly will take me down Nanna Moyna’s where he is staying!

Its Father’s day on Sunday, I have made Dad a Father’s day card, Mum and Dad are going out for a meal with the whole family to the Llechwen Hall Hotel, Nanna Moyna organised it, she goes there with “the girls” sometimes and she saw the advert and she had to go! Mum was concerned because it’s a Sunday roast and she doesn’t eat that, but she rang up and they said they have fish and vegetarian options for her, Mum isn’t a big meat eater like me and Dad! Beef, Lamb and Steak are our favourite foods! Hope they bring me home a doggie bag! Mmmmmmmmm!

Thursday 17 June 2010


Janet, my breeder has had more puppies, here are their photos, Mum says she really wants to give me a brother to play with! She has fallen in love with the black one with the white tummy fur! She says she will have to try and twist Dads arm to have him! All the puppies are so cute! Just like me when I was a baby!