Monday 28 June 2010

Awakened rudely from my sun tanning sleep!

This weekend was another very hot and sunny one, I had two shorter walks each day rather than one big one because it was so hot and Mum didn’t want me to pass out because of the heat and I really enjoyed each of them.
I had a nice walk with Mum and Nanna Moyna down the cycle track on the Nelson side on Friday evening, Nan was telling me about all the flowers and stories about the “good old days” and I was sniffing around enjoying the sun, it was a very nice walk.
Mum always puts a water bowl in the garden as well as the kitchen for me because I need a lot of water when it is warm, but even though she provides me with a nice shady area to lay out, I always pick the hottest spot, as you can see from the photo I feel asleep on Mums sun bed trying to get a tan again, its just so comfy on there and so warm ...mmmmmmm! But I was awakened rudely from my sun tanning sleep by Mum trying to get me to move out of the heat indoors! I was very unhappy! I did get to play with my new bone chew toy though wich was very yummy indeed!

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