Friday 18 June 2010

What’s it all about Alfie?

When I go for my walks I usually see other dogs being taken for walks too!

Last night on my walk I saw a black pit-bull, she liked to sniff me a lot and wanted to play but her Dad wouldn’t let her, he said that she plays rough!

One of my friends who I always see walking in the park and down the track is Alfie a big curly ‘labradoodle’ he is a real furry friend, he is such a softie!

When I see him he always runs up to me to play, his Dad thinks that he is scaring me but I wag my tail and run at him too because I love to play! He is older than me, I am going to be 6 months old on July 2nd and I always ask him questions about life, he doesn’t seem to know much either, except that he likes to smell other dogs behinds too and that he loves food and playing just as much as I do! I guess Alfie doesn’t know what it’s all about after all! Hee,Hee!

No plans have been made for this weekend, Jasper is coming down on Sunday so Mum possibly will take me down Nanna Moyna’s where he is staying!

Its Father’s day on Sunday, I have made Dad a Father’s day card, Mum and Dad are going out for a meal with the whole family to the Llechwen Hall Hotel, Nanna Moyna organised it, she goes there with “the girls” sometimes and she saw the advert and she had to go! Mum was concerned because it’s a Sunday roast and she doesn’t eat that, but she rang up and they said they have fish and vegetarian options for her, Mum isn’t a big meat eater like me and Dad! Beef, Lamb and Steak are our favourite foods! Hope they bring me home a doggie bag! Mmmmmmmmm!

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