Monday 14 June 2010

BBQ with Ernie!

On Saturday the weather was lovely , it was warm and sunny and Mum and Dad invited Sam and Pete over with their dog Ernie to have a barbeque, me and Ernie are really good friends we played together, we chased after the tug toys and ball in the garden, we had lots of fun, we even got to have a little barbeque food – yum,yum! We had beef burgers and sausages but Mum wouldn’t let us have the spicy beef kebabs or the pork and pepper skewers! It was a nice treat for both of us! Dad got a little drunk and while playing ball with me and Ernie he bonked me on the head with the ball, I let out a little yelp but I was ok and then he nearly broke Ernie’s jaw when he went to kick the ball and Ernie lunged to get it, Ernie let out a grumpy huff but he was ok too, Mum told Dad not to play with us anymore, so Mum and Sam played with us instead, we weren’t impressed with Dad at the time but it was very funny! I love it when Ernie comes over he is such a fab friend! It was a very nice day!

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