Thursday 26 November 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I'm thankful for so much today, especially all my Blogville Furiends, I hope you all get some Turkey!
Love from Frank

Monday 23 November 2015

My "Dog Snagger" Food Haul!

Mum went online and she ordered me a load of all natural treats for me to eat.

These are Bull 'Pizzle' Chews

These are Puffed Pig Snouts

These are Chicken Feet


These are Dried Fishies

The Bull chew was amazing

I really enjoyed nomming on it

Ernie enjoyed it too!

What a great day it was with all those treats!

Thursday 19 November 2015

Reflective Night-Time Walkies with The Bionic Ernie.

The Short days of winter are well and truly here so Me and The Bionic Ernie had a walk in the dark wearing our Reflective Night-Time Gear from Pets at Home.

Mum got my High Visibility Stuff from the Pets at Home Store that did a special offer on all Reflective Dog Wear - Mum always wants me to be safe at night when we walk in the dark.

This is my Harness by Dog Walk Reflectives, it is soft, breathable and has a neon yellow reflective trim and bone.

The strap across my back also has a high visibility road-safe reflective grey trim.

This is the Neon High Viability Lead by flexi with reflective extendable lead and reflective panel on the handle.

The Reflective Highway-Grade reflective sheeting panel on the handle.

Bright Neon with woven reflective material all along my walking string.

LED Flashing Collar with fully neon yellow reflective covering for added viability in the dark. 

Here I am wearing my Reflective Harness and Lead - See how it is glowing!

Night walkies can be hazardous as visibility is diminished, meaning that not only will you not see all of the obstacles and ground level hazards (e.g. sharp objects like rocks and glass), you will also not be as visible to motorists and other pedestrians, such as bikers and joggers.

If you are a dark coloured dog or if your Pawrents are wearing dark clothing, you will basically be invisible in the darkness so it is very impawtant to be visible and wear bright reflective stuffs like me!

You might not see whats around me but you will defiantly see me coming towards you!

Leaving Pee-Mail by a Lamp-post.

Bionic Ernie has a Reflective Harness and a Flashing Light Reflective Collar.

You can see us both glowing as we walk.

See my ears flapping as I run.

I really enjoyed my Night-Time Walk with The Bionic Ernie.

Stay Safe in the dark everyone!

Monday 16 November 2015

My Bob Martin 'Spring Coatcare & Hygiene Range' Product Review.

Bob Martin is the UK's leading pet care brand, the 'Spring' range features mischievous pets and celebrates the mucky situations they get themselves into. 
Mum really likes the packaging and says its really cute.

Mum says that the Shampoo is really good and smells wonderful, it always makes me clean, smell nice and fresh!

The "No Rinse Dog Shampoo" is good for a quick freshen up in between washes, it smells really nice and Mum likes to chase me around to suds me up and then brush me.

The Poop Scoop Bags are strong and scented and Mum always picks up my poop and carries it around with her like a treasure! Hee,Hee!

Here I am ready for my Bath with the Bob Martin Spring Range Products

Mun says I get to choose what shampoo I want to use


I finally choose the " Cleansing Dog Shampoo"

All suds up and ready to be washed!

I really enjoy my bath time!

Mum gives me lots of kisses and she makes sure I'm always well supported and safe.

Mum even likes it when I do the SHAKE!

Bob Martin Spring Cleansing Shampoo smells wonderful, it really is good on my furs and gets me super clean!

I'm super squeaky clean!

Drying off and smelling good, feeling clean!

I really love my bath time and especially the snuggles after!