Friday 6 November 2015

Dog Holiday 2015 (Pawt 5)

The last day we all got packed and sadly had to leave The Farm House.

Me and Ernie watched Dad and Pete load up the cars ready to go back home.

Mum wrote a note in the guest book.

Then Mum took photos so you all could see what it was like in the Farm House.



Dining room section

Back Door.

Sam and Pete's Bathroom

Sam and Pete's room

Ernie did not want to leave!!!

The spare bedroom room.

Living room

Mum by the fire (her favorite place)

Me, Mum and Dad's room

Dressing room

Mum and Dads Bathroom

Mum liked this chicken that was by the front door.

Time to leave.

Pete carried Ernie to the car.

Ernie was in the car and ready to go home.

I did some final sniffing and leaving pee-mail before leaving.

Time to drive home - what a wonderful adventure we had, we were all sad to leave but there is always next years annual holiday!

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  1. Did you get to soak your footies in that hot tub? I would like to do that!