Friday 28 May 2010

I just can’t wait to be on the road again…!

I am back on the road this weekend, going on holidays down to Pembroke to see Jasper and his Mum and Dad; I am even going to spend a few nights there too if I am a good puppy!

I hope that the weather is going to be nice! I want to go on some nice walks and I’m looking forward to going on the beach again, paddling in the sea, seeing Saundersfoot and Tenby!

I am really excited to go to the lily ponds, playing with Jasper, eating his Mum Judith’s nice food and having a well deserved break!

I won’t be updating my blog for a little while now but I’m sure I will have loads to talk about when I get back!

See you in a week!

Got Milk?

Daddy was very naughty last night and let me have some milk from his glass, it was yummy but Dad told me to try and hide it from Mum …. But unfortunately the milk moustache gave me away!

Bluebells Everywhere!

I went for a walk last night to the park and there were bluebells everywhere, they were so pretty, I just had to nibble on one, Mum told me that they were “yucky” but I thought that they were pretty tasty!

Had lots of fun running off the lead in the sunshine! I saw Alfie the Labradoodle and Ollie the Cocker Spaniel who we bump into often when we go to the park.

Thursday 27 May 2010

Bruno the Rottweiler!

Thank you to Bruno for your comment, I would like to come and play with you too but I think that Uncle Al is right – I am only small and you are much, much bigger than me and have bigger teeth! I still have my baby teeth!

Maybe we could go for a walk together one evening and your Daddy can keep you on your lead?

Your Daddy gave me a little ball to play with when I came to visit him, he is very kind and really funny, I love to chase that ball around the kitchen! Mum laughs at me and says I'm like a wild thing when I run around after it growling, but I am only playing!

Hope to see soon!

Lonely, I’m Mr. Lonely ….

I’m lonely! Mum put my Heffa-hump toy in the washing machine because I got it really dirty playing with him outside!
Now I am all alone…….

Loving my ‘Heffa- Hump’ toy!

Today I am relaxing on Mum and Dad’s bed, I like to snuggle up and chill out for a while, its bigger then my doggie basket but not as comfy because mum puts lots of blankets and pillows in there for me to lie on and I have my Heffalump-hump toy!

I love him so much, I like to nibble his round pompom tail, chew on his long nose, and gnaw on his ears, he is my favourite!

I enjoy snoozing on Mum and Dad’s bed but the only problem is that I haven’t quite mastered the stairs yet, I can go up there fine, but I can’t get back down, it scares me, so I sit on the top of the landing crying until Mum comes to take me down (and it’s an excuse for a cuddle too when she picks me up and I looooove cuddles!)

Wednesday 26 May 2010

On the rocks!

Looking forward to seeing Jasper again on Saturday, just thinking of the time we went to the rocky beach, Jaspers Dad Steve is a big movie star, he was in the new Robin Hood movie with Russell Crowe and took us to the beach to see where he filmed the fight scenes, he thought it would be funny to call me over to a rock pool, so I ran happily up to him to see what all the fuss was about ….. He stepped away and I went head first into the water with a plop!
I learned to swim that day! The water was so cold and deep and I quickly swam out!

I’m planning my revenge, maybe I will take a lesson from Jasper, who got up on the patio table then stole and ate his bacon sandwich when he wasn’t looking, or maybe I will poop in his bed, hmmmm the possibilities are endless!

Dream a little dream of me….

Yesterday I was so busy, I spent the day playing with my Kong toys trying to get the beef flavour bone treats out while Mum and Dad were in work, then when they came home, I had food and went for a very long walk in the park, it was very exciting, Mum lets me off the lead and I can run free!

I haven’t been for a long walk for a few days because it has been too hot and us Pugaliers don’t do too well in the heat!

Once I got home I was so sleepy, I jumped in Dads arms and fell fast asleep, dreaming away….. Zzzzzzzzzzzz…..

Ernie and Me!

Some exciting news, in October my Mum and Dad have booked to go away to Devon (my place of birth) with their very good friends, Sam and Pete and I get to tag along which is fab because my friend Ernie is coming too!

Ernie is Sam and Pete’s dog, I met Ernie a while ago, he is a Springer spaniel who seems to be always smiling, and he has the best hair cut EVER!

We walked down the cycle track together, it was a very nice day, my Mum bought Ernie a big chew toy to play fetch with, he really liked it, although Ernie is bigger than me we are really good friends, Ernie was really brave and had a swim in the lake but I was too scared, I am not too keen on water!

I am really looking forward to my trip to Devon now, four days with Ernie is going to be so much fun, just have to remember to watch out for that tail though, one swipe and I will be flying across the room, and Mum has warned my about biting his long floppy ears, I had a bit of a “thing” for them when he first came down to see me and he wasn’t very happy!

Tuesday 25 May 2010

I got locked up, they won’t let me out!

Behind bars like a criminal, that’s what I get for messing with DOG the bounty hunter!

Out here in the field!

Last night I was taken for a lovely long walk to a field near me, at first I was terrified by the long grass – were there snakes lurking to slither passed me? Were there bugs waiting to bite me? Were there cats – I WILL GET THOSE CATS!!!!!

I decided to take on the sniper position, go into attack mode and stalk my way through it!

….and they call it puppy love!

Photos of me and Jasper when we were puppies – awwwwwww!

Sooo which one of us is the cutest??

On the road again!

Bank holidays are one of my favourite times, I get to play with my mum and Dad all day, and they always take me out on little trips!

A few weeks ago we went to see my ‘bestest’ friend in the whole wide world, Jasper Honky Tonk James, a 3 year old miniature schnauzer from Pembroke!

We are going to see him again this bank holiday and I am really looking forward to it! His Mummy and Daddy are really nice to me and we go on really long walks all together in our extended pack!

We went to the sea side, I have never seen the sea before, it was really nice, the water was lapping on my little legs and the sand crunching gently beneath my tiny toes, I was especially interested in the seaweed that clings to all the rocks down there– the seaweed and I weed too! Hee,Hee!

Last time I went down me and Jasper played for ages! We like to play fight, it’s really fun and I think he lets me win because I am smaller than him!

Hair of the dog!

Saturday evening I sat down with Dad to watch the football, I love watching the football because I imagine myself on that grassy pitch running after the ball, somthing I enjoy doing regularly in my big back garden!

While watching the game I had a few bottles of Bud which got me very drunk and I started to feel a little queasy, I looked at Dad and I think there was three of him!?!

Didn’t get a hangover though, I had a bit of hair of the dog! Hee,Hee!

Looking for a place in the sun ....

It’s a dog’s life!

Last weekend it was sunny and hot, I have been out the garden sunbathing.

It was the first really hot days that I have seen, Mum says that we usually don’t get weather this hot in Wales!

I love the sun, I was trying to get a tan by laying on Mums pink Lilo, I wanted to make sure I had a nice all over tan but the only problem is that I got a little too curious and had a nibble on the lilo … it deflated …. Mum started chasing me around the garden!

Monday 24 May 2010

Meet Frank.

Hi, I'm Frank!
I am almost 5 months old and live in Wales, I am originally from Devon in England but I was 8 weeks old when my Mum and Dad took me over the border to start my new life!
I thought that I would share my thoughts with the world after reading a blog by Tidy, a pugalier from Australia! (
I get bored when Mum and Dad go to work so I got myself a little lap top and decided tell the world what it’s like to be me!
My favourite things are long walks with Mum to the park and the fields, playing with my Kong ball, getting treats, playing football with Dad and playing with my friends.
Another favourite thing of mine is stealing my Mums flip flops and nibbling on them! But Mum gets mad at me; she has had to buy two new pairs of black flip flops already! I can be very very naughty when I want to be!