Tuesday 25 May 2010

On the road again!

Bank holidays are one of my favourite times, I get to play with my mum and Dad all day, and they always take me out on little trips!

A few weeks ago we went to see my ‘bestest’ friend in the whole wide world, Jasper Honky Tonk James, a 3 year old miniature schnauzer from Pembroke!

We are going to see him again this bank holiday and I am really looking forward to it! His Mummy and Daddy are really nice to me and we go on really long walks all together in our extended pack!

We went to the sea side, I have never seen the sea before, it was really nice, the water was lapping on my little legs and the sand crunching gently beneath my tiny toes, I was especially interested in the seaweed that clings to all the rocks down there– the seaweed and I weed too! Hee,Hee!

Last time I went down me and Jasper played for ages! We like to play fight, it’s really fun and I think he lets me win because I am smaller than him!

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