Wednesday 30 December 2015

Wet Wednesday Flood Walk.

Last week Mum took me for a walk around the old boardwalk

With all the rain the bridge was flooding

I walked over it 

See how it's flooding

Then carried on my walk 

Sniffles and Sniffles

Running and having fun

THEN ....

Yesterday we went back and because it's been raining now for over a month the bridge was flooding even more! 

I practically had to swim across

There was water all over the path too

The water was running down to the boardwalk

Once on the boardwalk it was dry...ish! 

The Train Tracks were even flooded

Once again I had to get my puggy paws wet as the track was flooded and I splish-splashed my way through

I enjoyed the walk and all the new smells

Nowhere is dry around here

Even the grass is waterlogged

Muddy Grass

I can't wait to be stood on dry land, everything is so wet and I keep getting dirty due to all the flood waters and mud so have to have baths and little showers to get clean! 

Monday 28 December 2015

Santa Paws Came and gave me lots of presents!

Santa left me lots of wonderful presents!

Mum says I must have been really good this year

I was definitely on Santa's Nice list!

I opened my own presents

I had this adorable Christmas jumper from cousin Jasper

I had these yummy treats from Nanna Moyna

I had a fun tug toy from Sammie, Craig, Alex and Grayson

I also had these treats from them too

I had a blanket and Christmas Bear Stuffie from Mum and Dad

While I played Mum had a Christmas hot chocolate

She had a pug soap and pug pillow for Christmas that reminds her of Me!

I also had more treats and a ball from Mamma Leesa, Grampy Graham and Auntie Ashley, I had a Lion Stuffie, Ball on a rope and Dentastix from Nannie Carina, Bampo Dave and Coffee.

Thank you so much to everyone and to Santa for putting me on the nice list!