Friday 27 April 2012

Flashback Friday!

In August I hope to be staying down with Jasper and his Mum and Dad (Auntie Jude and Uncle Steve) even before I was born Mum and Dad have enjoyed going to their seaside home in Pembrokeshire  and staying for a few days, so below are a few photos from past vacations with and without me!
21st August 2008 – Before I was born Mum and Dad enjoyed their time with Jasper, Jude and Steve and visited Pembrokeshire Castle and Caldey Island where the Monks live.

30th July 2009 – Also before I was born this time they visited St David’s Cathedral, famous writer Dylan Thomas’s Boat House and Stackpole Bosherston Lily Ponds.

29th May 2010 – My first time staying with Jasper, Jude and Steve and we enjoyed a long walk at the Stackpole Lily Ponds and Angle’s Costal Path.

29th May 2011 – Last year’s trip down with  Jasper, Jude and Steve saw us having lots of wonderful adventures, from Freshwater West, Marloes and St Govans to Angle!

 (Malo is Dad's name)

I hope that this year will be just as fun and full of wonderful adventures with my Mini Schnauzer cousin Jasper!