Tuesday 3 April 2012

Somewhere Over The Rainbow ...

Payton has passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

I was so upset to hear about the passing of such a wonderful Pug, Payton was such an inspiration to everyone, she touched all our hearts! Payton was a fighter right to the end and her story is one of courage and love! I am so sad to hear that she is over the rainbow bridge but she will be waiting for us all there and we will play fetch forever! She will be forever in my heart! My love and prayers go out to all her Family and Everyone who knew her! She will be deeply missed by all of us!

My Favourite segment of Payton's blog was hearing about her "Deep Thoughts"

She was such a happy Pug who really loved life and lived it to the fullest even with her PDE struggle!

Cute as cute can be!

Payton with her Mom.

Payton with her Dad.

Payton with her Dad and Mum

Payton with Grampy and Gammy.

We will all meet again over the Rainbow Bridge ~ Be at peace Sweet Payton!


  1. We are still crying at Payton crossing over the Bridge. She was such a special puggie! Now she is playing with all our brothers and sisters who have crossed before us.

    Your post was beautiful.

    Minnie and Mack

  2. Payton was a darling we miss her too

    urban hounds

  3. so beautiful. We enjoyed this memorial post. Mum has been so upsets by this news that she is having troubles reading all the tribute posts.


  4. Tank
    Your post is so beautiful and we are crying again.
    Payton was so very brave and courageous, and her parents and Gammy and Gampy loved her so much.
    They did everything they could.
    Payton touched all of our lives, and we all miss her so much. She will never be forgotten.
    I am having problems typing with all these tears.
    What a beautiful tribute

  5. Aww Payton. I miss you. Thanks for this post, Tank. It is very precious and really portray's Payton's loving and courageous self.

  6. Tank, what a lovely tribute.
    All my love to Payton's family & friends.