Friday 26 August 2011

Akita and Me!

On a walk this week I met an Akita Puppy!

He was younger than me and twice my size! I liked playing with him.

Playing chase ...

... Ahhh now he is after me!!

Having Kisses!

Tuesday 23 August 2011

Looking through the fence

Looking through the fence is like a metaphor for my life ....

I feel like the year has gone by so fast, Autumn is almost here and I'm stood sniffing the falling leaves.

Walking over the bridge, its a really nice walk around the Boardwalk.

I like to listen to the stream babbling away and smell all the different woodland smells in the air.

Whats this? Smelling fur from another dog on the floor, I wonder what happened?

Through the fence and on to the other side ...

Walking along the boardwalk.

I really enjoying my little strolls with Mum wer walk for hours on the weekends and over an hour at nights.

I'm all the way down here Mum!

The Red Berries.

The changing colours of Autumn.

The leaves of change ...

They are so beautiful, a true sign that Autumn is coming!

swimming and drinking the fresh water stream, I love it here when the weather is hot.

I really enjoy the walks we have but soon the nights will be dark soon so I'm really making the most of it now, in the coming weeks I plan to have lots of long walks with Mum and Dad because I love to spend time with them!

Monday 22 August 2011

Cooked Breakfast!

On the Weekend Dad made a nice full "Welsh" cooked breakfast and I sat by the cooker smelling the bacon just waiting ...

The Bacon.

Can I have some please Daddy??

The puggy sized cooked breakfast just for me!

A nice cup of tea and the cooked breakfast! Mmmmmm...

Yum, Yum, Yum....

Nom,Nom,Nom,Nom .....

Owww its sooooooooo good!!!

Can I have some more pleeeeease????????

Thursday 18 August 2011

What is that?????

I walked down to the park with Mum, we always go right around the grass walk and then down the track. I like to walk around the park and then run in front of Mum and go fast down the little hill but suddenly I stopped and started barking!! I saw something huge in the woodland area that scared me! Mum rushed down to see what I was barking at ....... it was a tent!!! Mum told me that people camp out in them so to carry on with my walk so not to disturb them!

(Thank you to Craig and Sammie for putting phone photos to computer for me! Love you guys!!)

Wednesday 17 August 2011

'WTH' Wednesday!

Today I thought I would do a "What the heck Wednesday" this photo was taken before I was born, its of Mum and Dad eating sweets - gummy vampire teeth on Halloween and messing around!! I couldn't resist putting it on here for a laugh!

Tuesday 16 August 2011

Long Walk to the Lake.

I have been going for walks down to the lake in the evenings, its so tranquil, quiet and its so very beautiful there.

I love to pose for the camera!

I walk over the wooden bridge every time I come here, I nibble on some reeds and I look between the wood to see if I can see any fish or tadpoles but Mum says the fish are hiding from me and all the tadpoles are now frogs!

I like to run around the lake and they have these rocks that I like to jump up on and have a look around to see what I can see, birds, other dogs and people on bikes but now the weather is getting colder there are less people coming here! August is coming to a close, Mum and Dad have time off the end of this month so I will have lots of days out with them both to explore new places and play! Mum is going to be back to 5pm finishes in work which means later walks for me as the darker nights roll in! I cant believe we are almost in September, Im going to see my second Halloween, Bonfire night, Christmas, New Year and Birthday soon! Autumn and Winter is such a wonderful time of the year!

Monday 15 August 2011

Crafty Puggy!

I'm a really crafty Puggy, whenever Mum or Dad make food I'm always sneaking in between their legs to see if any food falls down on the floor that I can eat! Dad is nice to me, he always sneaks me a bit when he thinks Mum isn't looking! Hee,Hee!

Wednesday 10 August 2011

Christmas Puggy!

Christmas comes but once a year to every girl and boy and for Frank the Puggy-Wuggy it brings him so much Joy, and a photo done by Craig Preece Photography for us , bring Christmas joy to all blog readers in this early August!

Tuesday 9 August 2011

Food for Thought ....

I had a treat for being a good Puggy the other night, I'm not usually allowed to have "people food" while on my doggy diet but Mum says a bit of meat is good for me now and again so I had this lovely dinner put in front of me .. its steak and green beans! I loved it and ate every bit of it!

Monday 8 August 2011

Halloween Idea!

Last week I didn’t get up to much, Dad was off work sick from Monday to Thursday so spent most of the days snuggling up to him in bed and on the sofa, it was nice to spend time with him just relaxing! Mum took me for walks in the evenings but the weather hasn’t been the best. The weekend was wet and cloudy and me and mum got soaked on our walks to the pit pony nature trails! It got me thinking of autumn and that it’s only around the corner, so much so that Mum and Sammie on one of our week night walks started thinking about Halloween and what costume I should wear this year! Last year I was a Pumpkin.....But this year lots of ideas have been thrown around, like me being a sheep and Mum being Bo Peep and such but the most likely is that I will be dressing up as a hotdog!!

Friday 5 August 2011

In the Pink ..... and Black & White.

Craig did these stunning colour capture photos of Me, Mum, Dad and the Wedding Flowers! I had to show you how fab they are and how handsome I look!

Mum and Dad.

The Bouquet.

Me and Mum.


Thursday 4 August 2011


Mum, Dad, Clair and Ells go golfing!