Monday 8 August 2011

Halloween Idea!

Last week I didn’t get up to much, Dad was off work sick from Monday to Thursday so spent most of the days snuggling up to him in bed and on the sofa, it was nice to spend time with him just relaxing! Mum took me for walks in the evenings but the weather hasn’t been the best. The weekend was wet and cloudy and me and mum got soaked on our walks to the pit pony nature trails! It got me thinking of autumn and that it’s only around the corner, so much so that Mum and Sammie on one of our week night walks started thinking about Halloween and what costume I should wear this year! Last year I was a Pumpkin.....But this year lots of ideas have been thrown around, like me being a sheep and Mum being Bo Peep and such but the most likely is that I will be dressing up as a hotdog!!

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