Wednesday 30 November 2011

Christmas is Coming!

When did / are you putting your Christmas Tree up?
This photo was from last year, I'm so excited for Santa Paws to come. 
I had a wonderful  Christmas 2010  and I hope this year will be even better!!

Tuesday 29 November 2011

Ernie came over to see me!!

 I had to wait what seemed like ages for Ernie to come over!

When he came through the door I started to lick him and play with him!

Playing with my Pal!

Naughty Sniffles!

You cant catch me!

Uuuh ohhhh!

Ernie wanted to join in the games!

Attack Dad!

Lots of Licks!

Whats that noise????

Petes bottle blowing scared me!

So much playing ... time for a snooze!

I had a wonderful evening with Ernie!

Monday 28 November 2011

Jasper is Better!


Thank you all so much for your kind well wishes, power of paw and healing thoughts for my best pal Jasper - he is home from the Vet now after a long stay and has been given medication and some loving from his Pawents and is feeling much, much better, he has been put on a diet to keep his condition under control and will he bouncing about the house in no time!
I'm looking forward to seeing him at Christmas for extra Pug Hugs and Licks for him! Thank you all again, Love from Frank xxxxx

Friday 25 November 2011

Flash Back Friday - Christmas Pre-Me in the USA!

Boston in the snow.

Autny Ashley (Look how tiny she is!) and Dad

Mum playing snowballs!

Mum loves Christmas!

From Boston on a big Bird to Florida.

Disney Resort

Mickey Mouse!!!

Mum and Dad

Mamma Leesa loving the Cheesecake!

Christmas Day and Mum is Little Miss Christmas

Ahhhhh Gator!

A little Bird nibbles Dad!

Dog Menu!

Even before I came along Mum wanted a Dog and loved that there was a menu just for us four legged friends!

Lifes a beach!

Mums sand turtle!

Mum and Dad ... More Drinks!


Grampy Graham gets in the Jimmy Buffett state of mind!