Saturday 12 November 2011

Tank V Tank - The outcome!

This is Sam and Pippen from British Columbia in Canada, Apparently Sam's the brains and Pippen's the brawn, Oh and good looking one, they are my recent followers and such handsome fellows! They commented on my Blog Post "Tank V Tank" and told me what Tank is really like, they said I should watch out for him because he is up to no good, they are friends with him, secretly he looks to me like a big softy full of fluff and he told me he was only yankin' my paw but you never know .... - see Sam and Pippen's blog here:

Tank The Outcome!

As for Tank .... he got locked up!
Turns out he WASN'T trying to steal my name after all but before I had a chance to clear his good name he got put in a time out! I'm sure that he has learned his lesson not to mess with this little Puggy and now we can be furry friends forever!  What do ya say??


  1. Hehee! Poor Tank! I know you guys will end up friends.

  2. Yikes! I've learned my lesson Frank... I don't do well being locked up!

  3. I saw where Tank got thrown in the slammer on his blog, shame, he looks like such an innocent guy. He was probably framed too.