Tuesday 15 November 2011

The Train is Coming!

On my walk last night I had just finished crossing the rail track when we heard a distant rumble, followed by a whistle and then the train came along fast!

The Train.


There it goes, it took ages to pass and the train was really long!

The train tracks.

Stop, Look and Listen - It is VERY important that everyone takes notice of the signs by rail tracks, I cross the track all the time and I stop at the gate and Mum puts me on my lead, I make sure that my Puggy ears are pricked up and listening all the time, I look both ways then once I'm sure that it is clear to cross Mum takes me along the track to the other side! So stay safe everyone!


  1. Thanks for the good advice Frank. You're very brave to cross those tracks. Thanks too for your comments on my blog.

  2. Oh, how scary! I've never seen a train before. You be careful, ok? That's an order!

  3. Hi Tank
    I wonder what was in those box cars?
    Your very wise to be so very careful!
    If I find some tracks I will be careful too.
    Oh and make sure not to get your foot stuck anywhere.

  4. Thanks for the tips Frank, trains scare me, but then everything scares me. I too wonder what's in those cars. It could be dog treats, or new beds, or dog toys, oh my goodness the possibilities are endless!