Monday 28 November 2011

Jasper is Better!


Thank you all so much for your kind well wishes, power of paw and healing thoughts for my best pal Jasper - he is home from the Vet now after a long stay and has been given medication and some loving from his Pawents and is feeling much, much better, he has been put on a diet to keep his condition under control and will he bouncing about the house in no time!
I'm looking forward to seeing him at Christmas for extra Pug Hugs and Licks for him! Thank you all again, Love from Frank xxxxx


  1. We were thinking of Jasper and so happy to hear that he is home and on the mend! Can't be thankful for much more!!!!!!!!!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

    PeeS: Even though I'm a pancreatitis doggie, hu-mom did give Mack and me some wonderful turkey meat yesterday. Tell Jasper it's really important to stay fit and trim and eat only the prescription foodables. He'll be healthy ever after.

  2. What a relief! We were thinking about him all weekend. So glad you guys will still be able to hang out over Christmas!

  3. I am beyond words happy to hear about Jasper doing better! Now Thanksgiving is complete!


  4. We are so glad Jasper is better! The magic juju worked again!

  5. Sending pawrayers up for Jasper!! Good to know he is doing better.