Friday 18 November 2011

My High Visibility Coat!

Mum got me a high visibility coat for our dark night time walks and I love it!

Mum says that I look like a workman and laughed but I think I look stylish and it will keep me safe, as you can see the bright strips glow in the light so cars will be able see me!

We went out for a walk in the rain, I dont like the rain at all but I like spending time with Mum and Aunty Ashley, so this photo is of me running after her as she always gives me treats, ok the treats are mainly to make me walk in the rain because if I had my way I would want to be carried the whole walk but we only went around the block and it wasnt heavy rain so I was ok, EVERYONE we saw gave comments on my coat, they all thought that it was a good idea and told me I looked cute!!
Have a good weekend eveyone!


  1. Frank, you actually glow in the dark! You look so handsome and will be safe, too. Your mom is so smart to get you that coat.

    Mack and I HATE rain. We also have to be bribed to go out, he he he.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and sometimes Mack

  2. That coat is perfect, Frank! I wonder if there is a dog on the planet that actually likes the rain? It's yucky! I hope you have a great weekend too, and you get to go on one of your fabulous countryside walks!

  3. Frank, absolutely perfect. Precisely what a stud like you deserves!


  4. Oh yes, Frank. You look very handsome in your new coat. Stylish but also safe! Boy oh boy we are not showing Mom this post. She believes that we won't walk in the rain and might get ideas!


  5. Hi Frank,
    I like your snazzy rain slicker. Glad it will keep you safe when walking at night. I love the rain, it's great for being lazy & lounging. But at the same time, I don't like going outside & getting my feet wet, no thank you.


    PS - stay warm, toastie and dry.

  6. Hi Tank
    I think your mum is so smart to get you that rain coat! Gosh- you will be the talk of the town. Everyone will want their doggy to be safe like you- wearing that coat.
    Your so handsome,,,, and I know it will be more fun to jump over the rain puddles wearing that coat!
    nitey nite

  7. Hi Frank, me Winston heres. Oh boy Mum is super busy. The good news is only 3 and a half weeks left of schools! YEAH YEAH! Oh I likes your coat. Very reflectives which is goods in these dark long nights.

    Winston WIlburs

  8. That coat IS a good idea! super cute :)
    Maddy and Owen