Tuesday 8 November 2011

Jasper comes to see me AGAIN!

On the weekend I was surprised to see a visitor knock on my door!
It was Jasper! 

I was soooo happy to see him! I love him so much!

I was really happy because I wasnt supposed to see him until Christmas, but Auntie Jude was down for the day all the way from Pembroke so Jasper came over for a ride!

We played together in the garden and then went for a walk together!

Then we came back home and played some more!

I was sad to see him go home, I admit that I had a little cry, but then Mum gave me a nice pigs ears to eat and I felt better! Mum told me that Christmas isn't far away so I will get to see him real soon!


  1. Frank, I don't blame you for loving it when Jaspar comes visiting. As blessed as I am for having Payton as my Grandpug, I miss my Huey (Minature Schnauzer) very much. Minature Schnauzers and Pugs (all varieties!) are tied for first as the world's best buddies! Enjoy your visit with Jaspar this Xmas!!

  2. I agree with Payton's Grampy, they are the BEST buddies EVER! I have a cousin Schnauzer and my Grammy had a Schnauzer too but she went to live at the Rainbow Bridge a couple years ago, my Grammy misses her so much. Pig ears are magical, they can cure any woe we have!

  3. Hi Frank, I'm so glad you had a surprise visit from Jasper. Friends are the best.

  4. Hi Tank
    How very excitng to see Jasper again! I would be so happy if I had a best friend like that too. Jasper is so cute, and two of your together are adorable