Thursday 22 May 2014

The Bionic Ernie came to play!

On the weekend Ernie came over to stay all day Saturday and all night, it was the BEST!


I just love my Buddy The Bionic Ernie! 


Monday 19 May 2014

Wonderful Walk to the V-e-t for my Weight!

I had a walk in the sunshine with my Mum to go to the Vet.


It is a long walk but it was really fun in the sun.

I walked from Nelson to Ystrad Mynach.

I walked through the fish Ponds and saw some fish, frogs and ducks!

Still walking ....

Finally we are almost there!

Back on my walking string to see the V.E.T about my weight and health check.

My Vet is Valley Vets in Ystrad Mynach, they are so nice to me.

My weight 13.70kg which is wonderful since I was 14kg at the end of last month and 15kg around Christmas time!

On the way back we went to the lake and I had a swim to cool off my Puggy furs as it was a nice warm day!

Doggy Paddling!

When I got home I had a nice long sleep cuddled up to my Mum, it was a wonderful day!