Thursday 31 July 2014

Long Walk in the Wilderness.

After Ernie went home on Sunday Mum and Auntie Ashley took me on a very long walk in the wilderness, we went at 1.30 and got home at 4.30 my little paws were tired and I was exhausted but it was so much fun while I was running around in the cool breeze!

Enjoying the wind in my furs and the beautiful views.

Ashley chillin on the bridge while I paddled.

I had a paddle to cool down my feets and belly.

Running with the wind, the clouds were so beautiful and the grass was so soft on my puggy paws.

I just love going on adventures with Mum and Ashley, everyone is happy and having fun.

Sniper Pug in the long grass.

Meeting new Friends.

Going down the steps and deeper in the forest.

Deep in the woods.

We all just love the hidden nature trails.

Ashley loving the hike.

Me and Mum have a rest on the rock, she gave me some hugs and treats and kisses!

Something smelled really good over the wall, but I just couldn't get to it!

Time to walk back home and once home I was out for the night, I had my foods and relaxed snuggled up all evening! What a wonderful weekend I had! 

Tuesday 29 July 2014

Weekend With Ernie (Pawt 2)

Saturday was sunny but cool and Mum and Auntie Ashley took Me and Ernie out for a walk.

Ernie's Mum, Sam asked that Ernie must stay on his walking string at all times but I'm allowed to run free!

We walked side by side.

Ernie walking through the tree-arch that is growing back.

Mum enjoying us doggies having fun the sun.

Walking side by side again.

Getting love and treats from Mum.

Mum and Auntie Ashley

Me and Ernie swim in the lake, I show him my water skills.

We both loved the lake, its perfects to cool our furs and its great exercise! 

Time to get out and walk home, we get more treats.

Walking down the boardwalk.

Once home both Ernie and Me had to have a bath!

Ernie was so sleepy, he slept on Mum and Dads bed...