Wednesday 29 November 2017

My trip to the Vet - Max's Castration Operation.

I will not be able to write on my brothers blog for the next ten days!

I am going to have my castration operation on Thursday 30th November and will be needing lots of rest, lots of kisses and cuddles off Mum during my recovery and she has to keep me calm and safe. 

I have to wear a big lamp shade on my head for the whole ten days of my recuperation, Frank says it's called 'The Cone of Shame'.

When I come back I am sure that there will be lots of photos to put on here so I hope that you will look forward to that!

Please send me healing thoughts with lots of love and power of the paw as I am very scared!

Love and Licks from Max the Moo xXxXx

Friday 24 November 2017

Night Walk With Ernie - Ernie is 12 Years Old Today!

I had a walk with Ernie and Max but it was at night so we had to put our high visibility coat on and wear our reflector lights.

Max models his new harness that matches mine.

It's getting darker but the view is beautiful in the dusk here.

I love my walks with Ernie and Max we play chase the ball and bitey face, humpies and do follow the leader.

OK time to go home, it's too dark now!

Thursday 23 November 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I'm thankful for so much today, especially all my Blogville Furiends, I hope you all get some Turkey! 

Love and Licks 


Frank and Max 


Tuesday 21 November 2017

Camping Trip and Canoeing!

Mum went to Escape Watersports to get some things for a Camping and Canoeing trip.

Mum got me a life jacket for when we go Canoeing

Max trying on his life jacket

Me trying on my life Jacket

Helping Mum with the Tent

Mum's Camping Mugs

I went on a little camping trip

Getting a fire ready for some doggy s'mores

I'm ready to sing Kumbya

Me and Mum snuggle in the tent together

Me and Max enjoying the camping life

Great for our first time in the tent, we heard a Fox in the night walking past the tent and lots of birds, it was really fun!

Wednesday 15 November 2017

Monday 13 November 2017

November already?

It's November where has this year gone?

Me and My Brother Max have been enjoying all the fun of living on The Farm together

Especially when Ernie comes to stay with us

Max enjoyed playing Hide and Seek with Ernie who liked trying to find him, he sniffed him out and licked his ears and tummy!

Ernie likes coming to stay with and we love having him over as we all get extra treats 

Ernie is 12 years old this month and is doing great for a dog who has two Bionic legs

Ernie will always be my best friend even if I do have to share him with my brother now

Mum got me a new bed and Ernie slept in it so I took my brothers bed 

Which was OK because he likes sleeping on Ernie's bed