Friday 27 May 2011

I'm going on holidays!

I'm going on holiday on Sunday May 29th to stay with Jasper and his Mum and Dad (Mum's Aunty Judith and Uncle Steve) in Pembroke near Tenby, I went last year and really enjoyed myself! I'm staying until Wednesday June 1st so I may be too busy to blog for a few days!
I'm really excited to go to the beach and have lots of long walks and to play with Jasper because we play together for hours!!

Thursday 26 May 2011

New Blue Ball!

Last night I had a pressie off my next door neighbours Sammie, Craig and Alex-o!

I go for walks with Sammie most nights and really enjoy it!

I loved this blue ball and spent hours chasing it around the living room and kitchen.

Then I started to attack it and nibble it ....

I took the ball upstairs and lay on the bed for hours playing with it.... Then the nibbling turned vicious and it turned in to biting and growling.

and biting some more....

But then it broke!!!

I cried for a few moments and then carried on chewing it excitedly!

Yum, Yum, Yum!

Thank you sooooooo much guys, I love you all!!!!

Wednesday 25 May 2011

I take Jasper for a walk!

On the weekend of May 14th Jasper was down, so I decided to take him for a walk with Mum and Dad and show him one of the many routes that I usually walk in the evening.

There are many walking trails you can take such as Sultan trail, woodpecker trail, skylark trail and the national cycle route 47 (which I walk on every day) but my favourite is the Sutlan trail along the pit pony which is marked by a purple sign with a horse on it! Jasper had never seen Sultan before so he was in for a treat!

The trails are easily marked with signs and each route has its own beautiful views and vegetation, its all a wonderful walk through nature!

I took Jasper to the big pond, my favorite place to have a swim! "Come on in Jasper the waters great!"

"Do you want to play ball with me??"

I decide to go for a swim and play fetch in the water.

I love to swim!

Slash, Splash!

Jasper would rather stay on dry land and watch me!

I showed Jasper The Story Stones.

Each large stone is engraved with a different story about the mines and about the environment.

The Story Stones are a good way of teaching people about the Welsh Mining Heritage that is in Penallta and the surrounding areas.

Jasper takes the lead and runs up a hill to show me where he wants us to go!

Friends that Sniff together Stay together!

A Small lake on the way to see Sultan the pit pony.

We have a run around it and have a game of chase.

I decide to go for another swim while Jasper watches me in amazement.

Jasper gets brave and puts his paws in the water!

Back to Nans for a bowl of milk and treats!

Jasper gets in his basket to go to sleep after the long walk!


Tuesday 24 May 2011

1 Year of Blogging!

Its been one whole year since I started this blog and I want to thank you all for following me on all my adventures no matter how big or small! Its been such a good year and I've had so much fun, I have loved every minute of it ... well, except the bit where Mum and Dad took me to the vet to get castrated, but besides that its all been incredible!!

Pugs Win Prizes!!
Since I'm the one coming up with all the captions for my photos all the time I thought it should be your turn - post a comment with a caption to my puppy photo (above) and you could win a special puggy prize! The winner will be anouced on the blog at the end of June!

Good Luck!

Monday 23 May 2011

A Long Sunday Stroll with Sammie!

It started out as a Sunday Stroll down the track as usual, we walked all the way down to Tredomen and we saw a marsh full of butterflies, we will have to go for a walk through there one day because I love to chase them!

The Tredomen Business Building.

Cycle Track Sign - it tells you how far you have walked.

After walking back down the cycle track we went up a dirt path to stat our adventure.

The Devastation after the Forest Fire.

All the trees had been scorched by the fire, its so sad to see, trees are living things just like you and me!

We walked through a wonderful woodland walk through a fairy garden with beautiful flowers and tall trees with twisting vines.

There was a nice little place to sit and relax.

Lots of old bricks made in to benches and planters that made the place look so beautiful.

The Pretty Pink Plants.

Follow Me! I wander off in to the woodland to explore!

We walked over a wooden path built in to the forest, I looked around to try and spot any animals, to have a stiff around and see what I can see!

The Forest Path.

I made my way through the woods and over into a field.

The Sign Post for Nature Walks.

I went over an old style and then ....

I met a donkey!

He was so nice and was munching on nettles.

There was fur on the trees where the donkeys and sheep had scratched.

I was a bit scared of the donkeys ...

Especially when they started to follow me!


The donkeys are EVERYWHERE!

Mum Help Me The Donkey is Sniffing me!

Ruuuuuuun! Not to worry Sammie saved us!

I managed to sneak past a brown donkey eating a tree and made it to the style.

Safe and Sound on the other side, where I met Meg!

Meg was relaxing on the bridge as usual watching the world go by!

Meg looks after the Donkeys in the Farm.