Monday 23 May 2011

A Long Sunday Stroll with Sammie!

It started out as a Sunday Stroll down the track as usual, we walked all the way down to Tredomen and we saw a marsh full of butterflies, we will have to go for a walk through there one day because I love to chase them!

The Tredomen Business Building.

Cycle Track Sign - it tells you how far you have walked.

After walking back down the cycle track we went up a dirt path to stat our adventure.

The Devastation after the Forest Fire.

All the trees had been scorched by the fire, its so sad to see, trees are living things just like you and me!

We walked through a wonderful woodland walk through a fairy garden with beautiful flowers and tall trees with twisting vines.

There was a nice little place to sit and relax.

Lots of old bricks made in to benches and planters that made the place look so beautiful.

The Pretty Pink Plants.

Follow Me! I wander off in to the woodland to explore!

We walked over a wooden path built in to the forest, I looked around to try and spot any animals, to have a stiff around and see what I can see!

The Forest Path.

I made my way through the woods and over into a field.

The Sign Post for Nature Walks.

I went over an old style and then ....

I met a donkey!

He was so nice and was munching on nettles.

There was fur on the trees where the donkeys and sheep had scratched.

I was a bit scared of the donkeys ...

Especially when they started to follow me!


The donkeys are EVERYWHERE!

Mum Help Me The Donkey is Sniffing me!

Ruuuuuuun! Not to worry Sammie saved us!

I managed to sneak past a brown donkey eating a tree and made it to the style.

Safe and Sound on the other side, where I met Meg!

Meg was relaxing on the bridge as usual watching the world go by!

Meg looks after the Donkeys in the Farm.

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