Monday 9 May 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away ... This Puggy Wants To Go Out To Play!

After all of the nice sunny and warm weather that we have been having I was dissapointed that we had a huge storm yesterday, the sky was black and the rain fell hard and I was getting used to just going out the door to play in the garden with my ball and to pee whenever I liked but I ended up taking a few steps outside and running back in because it was too wet and scary, I ended up playing ball inside and relaxing!

Owww I dont like this rain!

No, its too wet!

Urghhhhhh its so wet!

The Rain.

Playing with my ball inside nice and dry.

I love to play and relax on the sofa.

Mmmmmm this ball is yummy!

I think I will just stay here for a few hours and hope that the rain stops soon!!!

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