Wednesday 18 May 2011

My Friends!

The best thing about being a small cute puggy like me is that when I go for ‘walkies’ everyone stops to see me and I get to make lots of new friends! On a long walk with Mum and her friend, next door neighbour Sammie (Who has taken all these wonderful photos on todays blog!) we saw so many friends old and new!

I have made some really good friends who I see on my walks most days, Alfie the Labradoodle is huge, I'm half the size of his leg, he is so tall and so fluffy!

Sometimes I mistake him for a big sheep when he is walking towards me, when he spots that it’s me we run to each other and he sniffs me all over!

He is so friendly and he is a cross breed like me! A labradoodle is a cross between a standard poodle and a labrador. Labradoodles are very loving dogs who are very active and full of beans which Alfie definitely is!

He tells me he loves his daily walks with his mum and dad (Kath and Rob) and says they always have so much fun on their long walks together, but Alfie suspects that each day they try to wear him out as much as possible! His dad teases him on walks by picking up stones, Alfie doesn’t like this and barks at him to throw them away! Hee,Hee! Alfie is soooo silly!

Is that you Jasper??? (sniff,sniff) Ohhh no its not .....

A playful Staff tries to make friends with me ...

He is much younger than me but he is much bigger than me too . . .

Even though I play with Sox all the time, I’m too scared and run away!

A white Westie comes to play with me!

We have fun running around and playing chase!

On the way down the track Meg comes down from the bridge to see me!

We have a little play and has a sniff of me, she is such a beautiful Collie!

A whole pack of dogs come to greet me on a walk to Penalltas observatory.

We met a husky, two cavalier king Charles spaniels and a pug mix – a pug terrier cross with his cute pug face and wirey hair!

The Husky was really friendly, I wasnt scared of him at all, we played around together and had a sniff!

He was used to the pug mix and so he was fine playing with me!

The pugs name is Chubbs!

Chubbs was really "chubby" and cute! We played for a while and spoke together in our own secret puggy language! I really hope to see you again!!!

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