Thursday 28 April 2011

No time to Knap at The Knap!

I had planned to meet with Ernie for a nice leisurely stroll along the pebble beach of Barry's Knap! I was so excited to see Ernie, he was looking good with his new hair cut and freshly trimmed nails, he even smelled sooo good of doggy cologne! Ernie and I were walking along the beach and My Mum and Dad and Ernie's Mum and Dad (Sam and Pete) are having a laugh when suddenly we spot someone sunbathing and I have to go back on my lead ... on close inspection it turns out to be a man who has been badly injured. Dad goes up to inspect what has happened and he immediately calls the ambulance and started talking to him straight away to keep him conscious, the boy had jumped off the rocks and was covered in blood, his name was Steve Scott and he was 28 years old! We all waited for the paramedics to come, Ernie's Dad Pete actually ran to the Knap car park along all the pebbles to wait for the ambulance, Mum held me and Sam held Ernie and we played on the rocks looking on at the situation. The paramedics finally arrived and so did the ambulance, the boy was put on a stretcher and the medics assessed him, then in came the air ambulance! I had never seen a helicopter before so I started to bark! The boy was taken to the nearest hospital and we were all hero's - Steve had thanked Dad for saving his life!

The Start of the day was normal with me and Ernie ready to attack the ducks!

The Knap.

Ernie on the Pebbles. Me and Ernie have a good sniff!

Me in the Sea!

Walking along the shore.

Ernie having a Swim in the Sea!

Me on the rocks!

The moment right before we found Steve .....

We found Steve on the rocks!

Dad talks to him to keep him awake!

Paramedics running over.

Working on Steve.
Pete comes with Ambulence men to help!All waiting to see what will happen next.
Air ambulence arrives!

Leaving as heros!

After the day was over I went to bed and slept for a long long time, thinking of Steve and giving him my wishes of good health!

Tuesday 26 April 2011

Sunny Days Out!

I have had so much fun so far this week! I have been to the usual fishing hole down the track and have been swimming with the tadpoles, I've been for a long walk up Caerphilly mountain and have seen Nannie Carina and Bampie Dave after that, Ive seen the ducks at Roath Park Lake and got hissed at and have ate lots of bread, Ive also seen ducks and ate bread at Parc Cwm Darren too! Roath Park Lake.

Sniffing around!

Enjoying my Walkies.

The Gardrens in Roath Park.

Daddy walking me!

Me and Mum!

Beautiful flowers!

Seeing all the birds on the beach.

Baby ducks!

The Puggle - We met a Pug Beagle Cross called Baxter and he looked just like me only much bigger!

I have had a really nice time while Mum and Dad have been off work!