Monday 4 April 2011

Barry Beach!

Last weekend I went back to Barry Beach with Mum and Dad again, Dad dint have football so he decided to take me and Mum out for the day, it was so much fun! The day was cloudy but warm and I enjoyed running around, playing ball with Dad, meeting other dogs and enjoying the sea air!

Loving the sand between my tiny puggy toes!

Playing Ball with Dad.

Salty Dog - Loving the sea air!

Playing with new friends.

Panting, I'm out of breath from running around!

Oww Stick you (again) one of my favorite poses to do with my pug tongue!

Smelling all the seaside smells near the turning tide.

I'm running around in the soft squishy sand.

Dad and the freaky toe print! Eewww!

Hugs with Mum!

Running around on the soft sand and sniffing a sandcastle!

Pug on the rocks!

Ice cream from Gavin and Stacey's Shop - Trying steal a lick of Mum and Dads Ice cream!

Playing on the 2p machines in a dog friendly amusement arcade!

Look Dad I won! I won! (Ting, Ting, Ting, Ting!)

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