Monday 11 April 2011

This weekend the news has said that we have had a mini heatwave, the weather has been sunny and boiling hot all weekend, I loved going for a walk with Mum and Aunty Ashley on Friday down the track, I saw lots of Lambs (which makes me feel Welsh and proud!) and have met some new dog friends! I have had a paddle in the stream and have enjoyed my long walk!

I have also enjoyed these long warm sunny evenings, Mum has been playing with me out the back until 9 o'clock and then I have been cuddling up, cooling off and relaxing inside.

Owww the stream is so cold!

Having a paddle and a drink in the slow running stream to cool off in the warm sun.

I got too scared so run out to carry on walking!

New Friends!

Mum says this dog, Rooney is gorgeous - but not as gorgeous as me!!!

Running down the track enjoying the sunshine!

Mammy Sheep and her Lambs in the field.

Sheep and Lambs - A very lovely Spring sight!

The sheep's wool on the trees.


I thought it was amazing that this black Lab took a dip in the Fishing hole to cool off, I'm scared of water so I just looked on wondering what the heck he was doing!!

The dog swimming in the fishing hole.

Going down the longs steps (phew my little legs were running away with me!)

Aunty Ashley posing for the camera with me hiding behind her!

Mum enjoying the sun!

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