Thursday 21 April 2011

Lamb Bone!

Last night Nanna Moyna gave me a lamb bone with lots of meat on as a treat!

I kept jumping up to look in the fridge to get at it but FINALLY Dad gave it to me when he was watching the football and I was quite for hours, I sat and munched on it, I striped it completely and I absolutely loved every lip smacking second of it!

Sniffing the Lamb bone, it smells soooo good!!!

This Tastes Yummy!


Nom, Nom, Nom!

Pulling the meat off!

Down to the Bone!

Well its Thursday today and Mum was very excited leaving the house she says it’s her “Friday” because she is off work for Easter from 22nd April to May 2nd so she is with me for 10 whole days, she has planned to take me lots of nice places, she has arranged with Ernie’s Mum and Dad to go for a long walk along the Knap which I’m really looking forward to! I love spending time with Ernie, he is so much fun to play with! I’m looking forward to Mum and Dad being with me every day and taking me for long walks to different places and visits to see everyone like Nanna Moyna and Grandpa John, Nannie Carina and Bampie Dave and then having long evening snuggles and sleeps!
Dad has said he would take me and Mum to see those big Canadian geese down Roath Park, I like it down there because there is lots of bread for me to eat, I have to stay on my lead but if I’m good I get to have a lick of Mums icecream, hee,hee!
Hopefully the weather will stay nice as it has been warm, sunny and beautiful all week!
The next few months are going to be good too, Mum is also off work from Saturday May 28th and I get to spend a few days in Pembroke with Jasper and then its panic stations for the wedding but I get to go along with them on their honey moon in the Cotswolds in July and they are off for a week with me!! I'm a very spoiled Puggy!!

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