Tuesday 26 April 2011

Sunny Days Out!

I have had so much fun so far this week! I have been to the usual fishing hole down the track and have been swimming with the tadpoles, I've been for a long walk up Caerphilly mountain and have seen Nannie Carina and Bampie Dave after that, Ive seen the ducks at Roath Park Lake and got hissed at and have ate lots of bread, Ive also seen ducks and ate bread at Parc Cwm Darren too! Roath Park Lake.

Sniffing around!

Enjoying my Walkies.

The Gardrens in Roath Park.

Daddy walking me!

Me and Mum!

Beautiful flowers!

Seeing all the birds on the beach.

Baby ducks!

The Puggle - We met a Pug Beagle Cross called Baxter and he looked just like me only much bigger!

I have had a really nice time while Mum and Dad have been off work!

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