Thursday 22 January 2015

It's STILL a Snow Walk!

The Snow is still here and its still fluttering!

Me, Mum and Auntie Ashley went for a walk around the Lake.

Shaking off the flakes.

Me and Mum, she was giving me some chicken treats!

Nom, Nom, Nom!

Sitting in the snow makes my ... ummm.. TAIL cold!

I really love the snow.

Snow Shadows.


Zoomies in the snows!

Sniffing and Snuffling in the snow!


Nobody picnicking in Panallta Parc, must be too cold for them.

Sniffing for foodables.

No foods here, lets go.

Looking around but nobody is there.

The Lake was frozen.

No ducks to be seen.

Frozen waters.

Auntie Ashley enjoyed looking the ice.

Auntie Ashley dosent like the cold but Me and Mum really love it!

Monday 19 January 2015

Snow Finally!

This weekend we Finally had some snow after I have been hoping, wishing and asking all of my furiends to blow some over to me from their snow-filled places!

Even though I am a Puggy I am an honorary Woo and I love the snow.

I love the taste of snow ... but not that Yellow snow!

My paws felt like pawcicles!

Snow makes everything so sniffable!

Even Mums Wellies smell better in the snow.

Time to go home Mum! 

Friday 16 January 2015

Frighting Friday ~ Dark Walk in Castle Coch.

Mum and Dad took me to Castle Coch for a walk. 

We went through the tunnels.

Saw a lot of little Bats just hanging around.

Then we went out in to Castle Coch forest.

Through the woods around the Castle we saw lots of new and strange-looking wood carvings!

We saw my old Friend The Dragon!

More wood carvings.

Then it was as if someone had turned out the lights, it got dark so fast we were in the forest and the moon was the only light we could see!

Mum used the light on her phone to show us the way to get back to the car, I stayed close to Daddy to be safe, see my harness lighting up?

We made it back to the car park safe and sound, but it was scary, the castle looked so frighting in the darkness and apparently this place is haunted! 

I was so happy to be going home!