Friday 9 January 2015

Looking Back on 2014 (Pawt 3)

The end of August was still nice and warm so we had lots of lovely adventures

Auntie Ashley took us on a wild walk through the fields.

We saw trains...

Enjoyed more walks with Ernie...

We took selfies...

Walked amid the heather.

Played with Auntie Ashley and enjoyed the sunshine.

September saw blackberries by the bucket-load

I helped Mum pick a box full

I helped Mum make Blackberry Jam!


With the warmest September on record for Wales I had more walks in the sun!

I loved walking in the old farm ruins.

Enjoyed a relax on a rock with Auntie Ashley.

The Rock said "Sisters" Mum loves Auntie Ashley so much! 

We picked Rose Hips and made Rose-hip Jam.

We all met beautiful Donkeys.

More fun with Mum and Auntie Ashley.

Autumn came and finally the weather got cooler!

More Donkey Madness!

See me behing Mum keeping my distance, that donkey was nice but I didn't want to get stomped on!

More fun walks...

I was also happy that the Vet said I had lost MORE weight to have gone from 15kg in December to a wonderful skinny 12kg in September!

Mum saved a Hedgehog and got it a home in our garden!

I love the Hedgehog home.

October and Mum had a pumpkin made in my honor!

We went to Harvest House in Herefordshire for our annual Dog Holiday!

Both me and Ernie enjoyed barking at the squirrels and rabbits that played outside the window.

Mum loved the Pumpkins.

We had such a great time on our holiday!

I cant wait for our Holiday in 2015!


Me and Mum matched as ZomBEEs!


Noodles sent me this amazing Pumpkin hat that her Mommy made just for me!

Christmas was fun and December was over with really fast!

I had lots of presents from Santa Paws.

Looking back over 2014 .... It was a very good year .....


  1. Yep, looks like you had a great year Frank, what lovely photos!
    I remember blackberrying, that was great funs, especially the tasting part!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. it was great to wander through 2014 with you! yumm! that was my first thought too as I saw your mom's foodables :o)
    Easy Rider

  3. WE are Truly loving this look back at your exciting year....