Monday 5 January 2015

Looking Back on 2014 (Pawt 1)

I started January 2014 with a goal of dropping some of my weight, I was 15kg and needed to lose some of my Puggy rolls!

With all the craziness of Christmas and New Year I spent most of January getting over it with lots of snuggling and sleep.

In February I had Sasha as my Valentine.

I also had some wonderful walks and met a new friend called Jake.

Jake is a chow chow and he really liked the smell of me!

Although I met a new friend in February, there is nothing like being with my best friend

The Bionic Ernie

Other walks in February were filled with fun walks in the woodlands and in Panallta Parc.

Mum showed me the map to choose where I could go!

Soon February was gone and with March came the fun fair!

And what fun it was to experience that!

Auntie Ashley gave me some candy floss  and some of her hot dog!

Mum liked showing me the bright lights and rides.

I enjoyed playing with my stuffie toys.

I wished everyone a Hoppy Easter in April.

More adventures and nice bright sunny skies

With the arrival of spring there was defiantly a spring in my step!

I enjoyed visiting Castle Coch with my friend the Dragon!

It was fun to walk in the castle grounds....

Hiding by the stick huts.

I enjoyed the art of the skate park.

Walks up Llanfabon were really fun in the April Showers.

I went to visit my Great Grandmother and Grandfather in the most beautiful cemetery. 

I went to Caerphilly Castle in April too.

Went to see the Lambs.

More fun days with Ernie in May.

I walked a lot to lose the weight and even walked to the Vet!

I went from 15kg in December to 13.70kg in May and was so very proud of myself!

I swan so much this year, I was a real water dog!

Momma made me a fort to play in on a rainy day.

In June I helped to decorate the whole house!

I really love my play-dates with My Bionic Ernie!

Park Life in June was a laugh!

The year has been fully packed and we haven't even got to July yet!


  1. what a wonderful way to lose some weight! Do you think it works for me too? I'm currently on a diet... maybe I can visit a fun fair and when I'm back I lost one pound? that would be cool!
    Easy Rider

  2. What a grreat year! You had so much excitement going on.

  3. Wow! What a busy doggie you are!

  4. PAWSOME job on the weight loss ...
    What a fun year you had - can't wait to hear about your 2015 adventures!

  5. Happy New Year Frank! What a fun filled 2014 you had! I hope your 2015 is as fun filled and marvelous as you are.
    Love Noodles

  6. It sure looked like a good year
    Lily & Edward

  7. OMD OMD FRANK..... WE remember every Thrilling Adventure that you shared with us... They were all Wonderful... butt that Dragon... STILL scares the Poops outta us.iiiii

  8. You had a great year! And we hope 2015 is a wonderful year too!
    We love all the photos!

  9. You have had a very productive 6 months, can't wait to see the rest!