Tuesday 31 January 2012

Blu I'm scared of you!

Blu came over again because his Mum and Dad were in College in a night class ... 

He played and had fun ...

Blu's food time and I wait to get a chance at his puppy food!

Blu growls at me to guard his food!

But he lets me have a little bit!

 Yummy, Thank you Blu!

Can you see me looking worried while Mum plays with Blu, this is because he bit me, he was only playing but he bit me and now I'm very scared of him, I spent the rest of the evening hiding away fgrom him in places he was too small to reach!

On the arm of the chair

and on the stairs!

Mum, please dont let that little puppy eat me!!!!!

Monday 30 January 2012

The Pawsome Blogger Award!

I had this amazing award from Lola from "Pug Tales by Lola"
I want to thank her for this award, I'm so happy that you enjoy my blog so much, Lola is a wonderful little Pug, a bit naughty at times but who can blame her when she lives with a Chihuahua!!
In order to accept this award, I must pass it along to 10 blogs that bring me fun, love, laughs and furiendship, its so hard to choose as I love everyones blogs that I read!

I bestow the Pawsome Blogger Award to:

Kitty and Coco


Winston Wilburs 

The Smushies 



Sam and Pippen


Minnie and Mack



I think that you all deserve his "Pawsome" Award and have been nominated due to the joy each of your blogs give me!
Keep on blogging everyone!
Love, Licks and Pug Hugs from Frank (The Tank)

Friday 27 January 2012

Furiends Friday ~ Meet Reggie!

This is Reggie, he is a Pugalier just like me!!
He is the newest Friend to follow my blog! He looks just like I did when I was a Puppy! His Dad was a Pug and his Mum was a King Charles Cavalier just like mine was, he says that he is a bit naughty, he is very, very cute, so normally get away with it!! His dream is to be as big as a Great Dane and visit the beach! I wouldn’t hold your breath for the first one Reggie but I’ve been to lots of beaches and I’m only two! He says he likes to blog, he likes walking, eating his Mums flowers, chicken, sausages, his hot water bottle, his toys and likes to watch the lady next door when she is hanging out her washing!

Visit Reggie’s Blog to see all his new adventures!

Thursday 26 January 2012

Saturday Night with Ernie!

On Saturday Night Ernie came over with his Mum (Sam) and Dad (Pete) we had been to Bingo last Saturday and won the money to pay for our Dog Holiday in October so we were all very excited and me and Ernie planned what naughty things we would get up to this year!

 I love it when Ernie comes over to play with me!

Pete gives me some fuss!

Dad gives Ernie some fuss!

Dad gives hugs to Ernie, he is such a good Snuggly Spaniel!