Tuesday 24 January 2012

Frank The Tank: "Your My Boy Blu!"

This is my new friend Blu, he is a Jack Russell Puppy and he is only 7 weeks old!

Blu stayed with me and my Mum on Saturday because his Mum (Clair) was in work and his Dad (Elliott) was playing football (Soccar) with my Dad! 

Blu had such a good time with me, he followed me around like my shadow and played with a few of my toys! I'm a good Boy when it comes to sharing my toys but NOT sharing my food!

I even let Blu drink out of my doggy bowl!

 This is Blu following me ....

I got a little scared of him and had run up the stairs after my Mum ....

Blu cant get up the stairs yet ...

Mum told me one day he will be able to and he will be following me up there too and not to be scared of him as he is only small!

Mum picked Blu up and played with him for a while...

 Aunty Ashley came over to see me and Blu too!

 Blu had soooo much fun with me that he cuddle up with Aunty Ashley to go to sleep!

Goodnight Baby Blu!
I hope you liked Blu, he will be over my house again really soon!


  1. Little Blu looks like a fine furiend Frank. I think his tooth pegs look a little sharp though! Maybe that's what scared you??

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  2. Wait just one minute!! Frank!! I'd watch that Blu dog if I were you. Notice how he totally took over your mom! and your aunt! It's your house and he just took over all molestation reserved for you. This is why other dogs aren't welcome into my home. My 'rents are my 'rents and I ain't sharing them! No way no how!! I'd send him home real quick

  3. Awww Blu is so cute! a little friend to play with! its very nice you let him play with your toys Frank! your very friendly!
    Big hugs, Reggie xxx

  4. He is so cute but I am with Bellatrix, no one is taking my spot in Mom's lap I don't care how cute he is!

  5. Mom was laughing at the title of your post, but I don't get it. I think that Blu is so cute, especially the one of him smiling on your mum's lap. I think he'll be a great play mate once you teach him who's in charge, Frank!

  6. Hi Tank
    I think it is sooo cool that you will have a friend to play with!
    Baby Blu is adorables! And your right it won't be long before he can go up those stairs, and then the two of you can race down together!