Thursday, 5 January 2012

Christmas Cards!

Thank You all so much for my Christmas Cards - I really loved them all!


Minnie and Lincoln

Kitty and Coco

Minnie, Mack and The Kitties

Maddy and Owen

Mum says that she is so thankful for all of the beautiful cards that I had, Winston Wilbur I had your card after Christmas so didn't take a photo of it on my tree but it was super cute and I have kept all of the cards in a nice Christmas box to look at again!

Mum says that she is really very sorry if she didn't get around to sending any of you a card, she has been so busy over Christmas and New Year and will make sure that you get a belated one very soon!!


  1. We are so far behind on blogging that we haven't even talked about xmas cards yet. I'm so glad you liked the card I sent, Frank!

  2. Dude....we had a card exchange on the Pug Slut facebook page. If I knew you wanted it, I would have sent you one.

  3. Hi Tank-
    your cards are beautiful!
    I know you got our Christmas wishes- and love ,even though we did not get cards sent out!
    Enjoy your New Year!

  4. So glad you got your card! Mom was worried she might have messed it up. It was so much fun to get to send one all the way to you across the pond this year.