Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Castle Coch Adventure.

Mum and Dad took me for a walk up The Taff Trail through Castle Coch (The Red Castle) on Saturday. I have been here before but it was last summer and there are so many trails that we took a new one this time and it was a real woodland adventure!

Meeting a new Friend! 

 ... and the adventure of discovery begins!

 I'm a born survivor in the woodlands, check out my log fire and my hut .... Ok so it wasn't mine, but how cool would it be if it was mine!!

My Hut!

The Forest is so beautiful!

Lost or Found ... I feel "Found" here, I was born to be one with nature!

This place is truly beautiful and I will have to get Dad to take us here again!

 Mum hugs this Pug!

Walking with Dad back down the mountain, there was water running down the road. 

Its a good way to wash my Muddy Puggy Paws!

 Time to go home now, I walk down the mountain with the water trickling through my Paws, the birds sing a little song to help me walk along my way and the sounds of the trees in the wind, the sight of the sunshine glistening through the trees and the feel of the breeze on my nose! I had a wonderful walk and as soon as I got home I fell fast asleep with dreams of me sat by the campfire at night making S'mores and sing songs! Bliss!


  1. Oh, what a beautiful place. I wish I could be taking that walk with you, Frank! We would walk side by side and enjoy all the sights and smells together, then come home and snuggle!

    Mack and I are both jealous that you live so close to such beautiful places!

    Lots of puggie loves, kisses and bitey face from


    just drools and licks from

  2. Tank-
    What a great hiking spot. I would love to come sit with you in your hut. We could chew on sticks together :D


  3. Oh man, fun castle walkie! You would make an excellent prince charming Frank. We especially like the pic of you and your mum.

    We gave you an award over on our blog if you want to check it out.


  4. I'm so jealous! That looks like such a great place for a long walk.

  5. Hi Frank! Another great post! I wish I lived closer or could visit you so you could take me with you on these great walks. But for now, your blog is a great alternative to see such pretty things. I can't wait to see where you (we) go next! Thanks for always showing us your adventures!

  6. Beautiful place, thanks for taking us with you on the castle adventure!