Friday, 6 January 2012

Christmas Day!

 Christmas Day 2011

I woke up early and run downstairs so excited and I saw that Santa Paws had been!

I was nose down in all the Christmas Presents sniffing out the ones that Santa had left for me!

Look at all the presents under our tree!!!!

I had a stocking with this Christmas Cracker Toy in from Linda, who works with my Mum, it also had a Ball and Treats with it!

Opening another Christmas present!

WOW! Look What Santa Paws has got me!

 More Presents .....

Oh Mum this looks sooo yummy! Can I Please eat it now??

Thank You Sammie, Craigie and Alex-O!

Its an Elephant Stuffie from Jude, Steve and My Friend Jasper!

 A Brand New Bowl from Nanna Moyna and Grampa John!

I gave Mum "Ghost Whisperer" Dvds so we can snuggle up together!

Ho,Ho,Ho! After Playing with my Christmas toys I'm dresses ready to go down Nannie Carina's and Bampie Dave's for Christmas Dinner!

Down Nannie Carina's and Bampie Dave's with my new toys around me! Thank you!

Dad gets a Christmas Stocking from Santa Paws - But didn't Santa know that Daddy lives with me and Mum now???

My favourite part of Christmas - its Turkey Time!!

Hugs for Pugs! Me and Nannie have a cuddle!

 Mmmmm .... Christmas Dinner!


  1. There were a lot of presents under that tree Frank - everyone must have been on their BEST behaviour all year!! Great presents for you too!

    You got to go to your Grandpaw and Grandmaw's for Turkey!! UUuummm!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  2. Hi Frank! I'm so glad that I won't be the only one to revisit Christmas this month. I have so much to catch you up on if my mom will get over her head cold already. Sheesh! Anyway, your Christmas was awesome! You got so many great gifts. I'm digging that elephant that Jasper gave you. And if I do say so, Frank the Tank, you are looking quite svelte! That new diet is really working! But I'm glad that it looks like your grandpaw gave you some turkey!

  3. Frank you got so many cool things from Santa Paws! You even get big boy bones..very nice. Mom gets us the small ones. Pft. Your elephant toy is funny..his bug eyes look like mine! haha. And we just luv your festive outfit. What a day you had.


  4. Hi Tank
    Your house looks so festive! No wonder Santa Paws was able to find where you live. And of course you were such good boy that Santa really knew where Frank the Tank lived!
    All those cool pressies you got, chewy bones and stuffies to play with. And all that lovin and huggin and turkey too! I think your day was perfect! Now remember when you see Elf's peeking in your window all year long- those are Santa's Elf, and their watching to make sure you are a good boy for next Christmas! Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us!

  5. Great haul! Nice outfit you're that matching with your mom? Dude, the noms were strong with you. Why does it only come once a year??