Wednesday 29 April 2015

My Weekend with Ernie (PAWT 2)

Mum and Auntie Ashley took Me and The Bionic Ernie out for a walk in the sunshine.

We had a little follower, a Jack Russell dog walked the whole way with us!

I showed Ernie all of the Coal Seams on the way to the lake.

Auntie Ashley walked with us.

All smiles here.

Ernie on the dock.

Ernie loves the water.

Relaxing on the dock in the sun with Auntie Ashley.

Mum enjoys the scenery with us too.

Ernie goes for a swim.

Shaking off.

Ernie is one happy Dog!

My turn in the water.

I wanted to go on a boat but Mum wouldn't let me.

Bath time for both of us.

Then we had a nice long sleep ....

Even Mum had a sleep with us, it was a wonderful day!