Wednesday 28 December 2011

New Nelson Boardwalk!

I need to step up my exercise after all that yummy Christmas food so Mum took me for a long walk and we discovered a new boardwalk, it was really lovely!

It was a really nice walk and I really like coming here, I enjoy being in the middle of natures beauty and all her wildlife, it is so peaceful here! 

Saturday 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas To All And To All A Good Night!

Merry Christmas to ALL my Blogville Friends!
I hope Santa Paws comes to each and every one of you with a special gift!

Friday 23 December 2011

The Snow Man and Me!

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!
The Snow is finally here and I'm helping Mum make a Snowman in the garden .... Ok I'm not helping really I'm trying to get the carrot to eat it!

Thursday 22 December 2011

Ernie came to see me before Christmas!

 Ernie came over to see me before Christmas!

 Christmas Kisses!

Naughty Hugs!

Playing together always makes us happy!

With Pete and Sam, Ernies Mum and Dad! 

Grrrrrrr playing tug of war!

 Playing together with my snowman!

After all that playing I'm so sleepy!

Wednesday 21 December 2011

My Christmas Stocking!

Why is my Stocking empty Mummy??

Owwww ... I will wait until Santa Paws fills it for me on Christmas Eve! Until then I will use it as a festive scarf!!

Tuesday 20 December 2011

Mums Christmas Card from Dad!

Mums first Christmas Card as a "Wife" - How cute is it??

Santa Paws Trial Run!

Merry Christmas!
Everyone needs to be sleeping Early tonight because Mum says that Santa Paws is doing his trial run, this is when he makes sure that all his reindeer can fly, he will fly around the world to have a sneak peek at everyone to see who has been naughty and nice, so listen out for those sleigh bells and be extra good for the next few days!!

Monday 19 December 2011

Christmas Card!

Christmas Card Reminder
It may not get to you by Christmas but ...
If you would like to recieve a Christmas Card from me please make sure I have your address, please email me on
Thank you!

Jasper and his Christmas Stocking!

Isn't there anything in there yet???

Jasper in his Santa Paws hat - 'Ho,Ho,Ho!'

Friday 16 December 2011

My First Christmas Card From My Blogville Friends!

Thank you Minnie and Lincoln!
 I love your Christmas Card, it is so super cute! I would love to have you both as my present on Christmas day!

Thursday 15 December 2011


It’s been really cold here, the temperature has dropped dramatically over the past few days and there has been huge hail stones and there are reports that snow is on the way! I really enjoyed the snow last year, it was my first experience of snow and I loved everything about it, especially that fresh cold taste!! Mum has started putting the duvet on the radiator to warm up ready for when we come back from our walks but I can’t wait and like to nuzzle up to the radiator and get some cosy heat!
Whats the weather like with you??

Wednesday 14 December 2011

Diet Update!

Minnie (from Minnie and Mack) asked me how my diet was going well Minnie Moo my diet is going very well, I have to go see the vet for a weight check after Christmas and New Year, I have been very good, I’ve stuck to my diet with no treats just a carrot and apple now and again, there was one day while out on one of my very long walks and off lead I found half a burger and started to have a munch on it, but Mum yelled and managed to get it out of my mouth but don’t tell her that I did manage to swallow a few lumps of meat before she caught me! Hee,Hee! I’m looking forward to Christmas day, Mum says I can have Turkey and Veggies and that Santa Paws has got me a rawhide ring chew for my Doggy Stocking too! Wahoo!

Jasper Update!
After his Pancreatitis diagnosis Jasper is accepting his special diet, his Mum is going to the vet for a check-up with him soon to asked what food he can have besides his new prescribed food as she is being super strict with him and he is just on his prescribed food and nothing else!!  Jasper is feeling great and is excited for Christmas too and hopes he can have some festive foodables over the Holidays!

Monday 12 December 2011


I have been here all warm and snug in Mum and Dads bed for the whole weekend!
I'm very, very sleepy! I wont be posting as much now that the Holiday Season is almost in full swing but I will try and check in on all your Blogs to see what you are getting up to as much as possible! I hope that you all have had a wonderful weekend! I love all my Blogville Friends and wish you a wonderful and Merry Christmas!
Frank xxxxxx

Sunday 11 December 2011

I Love Jasper!

Jasper came over to see me and he greeted me with a lovely nose kiss!

I gave him the biggest Pug Hug that I could because I missed him so very much and I'm happy that he is feeling so much better now!

We played and played and played!

Lots of sniffles ...


More playing ...

More Sniffing...


Hugs from Judie, Jaspers Mum!

Shnau-Pug Attack!!!!!


A lot of kisses and hugs!

It's too much for Judie to take! Ha,Ha,Ha!

I really love you Jasper, your my best friend, you are so cute!

The Christmas card from Jasper - it looks like me!

The photo of Jasper, very festive in his Santa hat! Ho,Ho,Ho!

Awww thank you Jasper! I hope we do get treats at Christmas on our diets!!